Decorative Concrete Ideas

Concrete Pool Deck are colored, textured and fascinating area surrounding the pool that provide a safe slip-resistant deck for sunbathing, barbecuing, gathering and many more. It is the latest trends in the outdoor design today. A Recent survey reveals that only 24% of people use a pool for swimming, the rest use it for another purpose. This makes the pool deck more necessary part in swimming pool design.

The type of material you select for designing pool deck depends on various factors. It is summarized as:

  • Surrounding Landscape
  • Space Availability
  • People Traffic
  • Budget

Concrete is unique material that is much flexible to meet your demands. Concrete’s Durability and Versatility had made it a top choice for all homeowners. Don’t think that you have to live with the plain gray surface of the concrete as now decorative concrete with endless designs and features are available that will definitely enhance the look of your deck. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns and textures available.

There are various choices available for designing a truly unique, affordable and functional pool deck. Here are four most popular options using decorative concrete, you can add on your pool deck:

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

It is patterned or imprinted concrete pool deck and is much more attractive than a plain, broom finished pool deck. With the availability of so many options of colors, patterns and textures, designing a pool deck becomes an exciting endeavor. Stamped Concrete Decks are extremely popular and economical.

Exposed Aggregate Pool Decks

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposing the aggregate in concrete generates spectacular effects at highly reasonable cost and it requires only a few additional materials. It is highly slip-resistant and better suits to pool deck surface. For more striking results, you can complement the colors and textures of decorative aggregate with stones and create contrasting colors.

Colored Concrete Pool Decks

Colored Concrete

Coloring is the great way to enhance the beauty of the concrete pool deck. It allows the deck to blend up with the surroundings. When used with stamped or stenciled concrete, it allows you to restore the natural look of stone or any other surface. Integral color, Chemical stains, and Dry-Shake Hardeners are three most common methods of coloring concrete.

Stenciled Concrete Pool Decks

stenciled concrete pool

Stencils offer patterned options. It uses paper stencils to outline brick or stone patterns into a fresh concrete. As stencils are disposable, so contractors offer customers the pattern of their choice without the additional expense of a new set of tools.

All these design ideas will not only enhance the look of your pool deck but also make it slip-resistant which is the most important factor to look over. Choose the most relevant style that suits your budget and lifestyle.

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