oncrete works are not just about aesthetics talks but also the incredible strength they provide and last for so long.

They play a very important part in our life that we can’t think of world without concrete. But we always have taken them for granted!!

Everything around us from roads to houses to highways is all on the support of concrete. And this makes us question that “what keeps them so well built and indestructible?”

Though there are factors like

  • Quality Of Concrete Used
  • The Way Concrete Pumping Carried Away
  • Time Taken To Set It

And other key points which might increase the strength of concrete installed or degrade it too…

So the foremost thing you need to do is to determine the strength of concrete to avoid future hazards.

But do you know how to do it??

Even if you don’t know keep your insight on this blog that guides you on methods to evaluate the strength of concrete.


How To Test The Strength Of Concrete?

You can measure the strength of concrete using different methods. But from here you will get to know the most tried and tested methods to determine the strength of concrete.

#1. Field Cured Cylinders

This is one of the most common measure to test the durability of concrete used by experts since 19th century. As the name says these cylinders are casted and cured at first. Then are sent to the third party laboratory for testing.

It is consider to be an effective and more scientific method – lets the testing to be done by people who don’t have reasons to alter the results for their benefit.

Nevertheless people always either run away from field-cured test or don’t wanna pay the charges for third party testing done.

As a result of which many people started using New Methods to Measure Concrete Strength.

Have a look on the new but most applied method, rebound hammer test.


#2. Rebound hammer test

In this method a tool is used through which a spring releases to propel plunger tipped hammer down into the concrete which is to be tested.

The level of distance the hammer is recoil from the concrete is measured in the range from 10 to 100. That score will state the strength of concrete.

Though the Rebound test is effective and quick method but not always approachable. As the direct testing of concrete surface may affect the outcome in a negative way.

So it’s always a good idea to ensure that this testing method will not cause any adverse effect.


#3. Drilled Core Test

One of the highly effective methods of concrete testing that can test the concrete strength casted decades ago.

However it’s impossible to perform this task without destroying the some parts of concrete surface.

And this can be the major drawback in the eyes of some people.


#4. Pull Out Test

In this method a small piece of equipment is attached to an exterior bolt. Again this element is pulled out with extreme strength which determines the stress load level of concrete.

This method is simple to execute but still the chances of concrete damaging and removing exists. Thus we can say that it’s also a risky method of measuring concrete strength.


#5. Compressive Testing

It is consider to be the sure shot method of testing strength. In this method a cylindrical specimen is used in the ratio of 6 by 12 or 4 by 8 inches. This specimen is then compressed in the compressor.

And here the strength is evaluated through the division of load failure over cross sectional area.

The strength between 2500 psi to 4000 psi is an ideal compression.

So the residential compression bend towards lower compression while commercial ones towards higher end. This method is similar to pull out testing.

However what will you do in case where the durability of concrete is not up to the mark??

Only option left with you will be to get re-constructed!!

But will it be a smart decision of trusting the same people for your construction projects?

Obviously not.

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