color concrete

Colorful Concrete has become latest trend in construction field. So many home owners are demanding for colored concrete now-a-days. Do you know what basically it is and how to mix integral colors with concrete? Well, here we have described all about colored concrete, how to mix, how it work, how to deal if there is any issue. Just stay on this page and read the article carefully.

Let’s start from the beginning. The color which is mixed with concrete is not a color dye, paint or any kinds of stain. It is just pigment with full of iron oxides. The pigments can be ground mined or can be also made by using high chemical plants. It is available in so many forms like, powder, granular forms and in liquid form around the world.

Understand How Concrete Get Colored

To understand how concrete get colored you need to understand the size of pigment iron oxides and cement. The smallest size of iron oxides is ten times smaller than the smallest size of cement. So when you mix both in presence of water, the pigment iron oxides covers the cement completely and concrete becomes colorful.

Key Factors of Colored Concrete

  • The most important factor in color concrete pouring is water mixing. It is necessary to understand water and cement ratio. Heavy amount of water can destroy the color of concrete and low amount of water can make cement dry. If the surface where concrete is to be poured is dry or if the weather is hot then water must be avoided as it harms the charms of colors. Instead of water constructors must use surface evaporative agent which is available at all concrete store.
  • Color of cement is also a key factor of final concrete color. If the output is necessary in dark color then you have to use gray cement and if the output should be in light color then you have to use optimum amount of white cement.
  • The proper curing of concrete is also required if you want to get strength in colored concrete. It obtained the shrink less and so powerful surface. So always have the proper curing of colored concrete.

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