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Health & Safety

The Program

Maple Concrete Pumping employ a team of safety and risk professionals, who work together with company managers as well as the entire workforce, to eliminate and mitigate all construction and “over the road” related risks. The focus of the team is on employee safety, claims management and regulatory compliance. The goal is to provide our customers and the general public with the safest and most efficient Concrete Pumping.

Safety Pays!

Maple Concrete Pumping is dedicated to providing employees with a hazard-free, safe working environment. To meet this management requirement, the focus of the safety program is on hazard elimination. By understanding and eliminating unsafe working conditions, work related accidents and subsequent injuries are either mitigated and/or eliminated altogether. We believe that when safety is the first consideration before work begins, everyone wins and safety pays for our company, our employees, our customers and the general public!

Construction Safety Program

Maple Concrete Pumping strives to forge a partnership with our contractors to maintain the highest standard of safety on all project sites. Maple Concrete Pumping provides all projects with a Site Specific Safety Plan and Pre-Task Planning, along with our standard Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP)/ Accident Prevention Program (APP). Managers and crews alike are trained in various safety related topics including Fall Protection, First-Aid/ CPR, Forklift Operation, OSHA 30, Material Rigging, Traffic Control, etc. In addition, safety professionals are employed in all business locations to carry out frequent worksite safety inspections and to provide direction and training.

Fleet Safety Program

Maple Concrete Pumping employs a team of professional drivers. As a Concrete Pumping Company Maple Concrete Pumping enforce the regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and maintain a fleet with the highest regard for safety. The program focuses on driver courtesy, regulatory compliance and accident prevention thru Monthly training, quarterly safety meetings and management compliance audits. Maple Concrete Pumping strives to provide the finest and safest fleet of commercial motor vehicles and the most professional and safest team of drivers in the industry!

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

Maple Concrete Pumping has always maintained a strong commitment to provide a drug and alcohol-free work environment, and wants to ensure that employees perform their duties safely and efficiently in a manner that protects their interests and those of their co-workers. In keeping with this commitment, Maple Concrete Pumping enforces a stringent drug and alcohol prevention program designed to eliminate the use and possession of illegal drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

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