he success of the concrete business depends more than on hard work.

In fact, it revolves around various decisions making your concrete pump for business successful. Undoubtedly, it includes a fleet of equipment with a high ROI.

For different concrete pumping requirements, different machines are needed. For instance, in terms of dry shotcrete processes using a rotary gunite machine is better.

Indeed, these machines get you to control on the material flow at either high or low output rate.

Choosing the right concrete pump trucks increases productivity at the job. Plus, it eradicated the constant requirement of maintenance and repairs.

Dealers can choose from the four major concrete pumps type for wet shotcrete processes. Besides, for dry processes, they can use a rotary gun

This guide to concrete pumps for business will help in decision making.


Hydraulic Swing Tube Pumps

These machines use a swing tube pump for jobs having harsh materials and long-distance pumping. Mainly, these pumps are available in sizes with 3-inch and 4-inch outlets

The 3-inch pump functions best for jobs from 2-8 cubic yards per hour. On the other hand, 4 inches pump best for works needing 9-20 cubic yards per hour.  Moreover, the output pressure of material discharge for swing tube pump ranges from 750 psi up to 2,100 psi.

After each use, cleaning the pumping system is very much important. Well, it’s best to grease the outgoing housing, swing tube cylinders, and swing tube shaft. During each hour of the process, you have to repeat it.


Squeeze Tube or Peristaltic Pumps

These offer the least output pressure in contrast to swing tube, ball seat, or rotor-stator pumps. In fact, the maximum output pressure for Squeeze Tube or Peristaltic Pumps is 500 psi.

Eventually, these pumps don’t function best for pumping greater than half-inch aggregate. This exceeds 50 feet vertically or material pumping greater than 250 feet horizontally.

Moreover, the material’s slump shouldn’t be smaller than 3 inches. For cellular concrete, these emerge as the best suitable option. The reason is a low pressure prevents damages to the bubbles in the mixture. Surprisingly, these can be used effectively to pump shotcrete with steel and even synthetic fibers.

Besides, the low-pressure pumping of the machine enables faster operation. Not only are they easy to operate but also easy to maintain. Whether it’s operator or worker, cleaning and maintenance are super easy.


Hydraulic Ball Valve Pump

It delivers material output at 1,100 psi pumping pressure. Nonetheless, it can hold more than 3/8-inch aggregate and a slump of 3 inches or greater.

The ball valve pump won’t work in reverse. So, greater caution is required for releasing pressure on the delivery line. In fact, to release the pressure manually, a small ball valve on the discharge pipe of the manifold is present.

Oftentimes the materials like gypsum flooring, which has plastic kind of quality, heaps up over manifold. However, Shotcrete materials having no such properties work well, but the aggregate shouldn’t be greater than 3/8-inch in diameter.

In fact, these concrete boom pumps have benefits like low costs and easy maintenance. So, the Line Concrete Pump appears as the best option.


Rotary Gunite Machine

For dry shotcrete processes, a rotary gunite machine is best. In fact, the equipment offers better old material flow whether for low or high outputs. Moreover, the speed of the rotor depends on the quantity of material passing through the rotor segment.

These machines run on either an air motor, electric motor, hydraulics, gas or diesel engine. Well, the dry shotcrete process signifies the pumping material remains dry. The dryness remains intact until it is appropriately hydrated at the nozzle.

With these guidelines on concrete pump for business, making the best decision is easier than before. How Does a Concrete Pump Work? This is a hot question among various clients. Only an expert in the industry can offer you well-elaborated explanations.


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