Step By Step Guide To Stamp Concrete

Stamped Concrete adds charm and impressive look to your home. This is why; it gets priority by both home owners and business contractors. People are choosing Stamped Concrete for their driveway, patios and gardens to beautify their looks. The texture concrete is not effective always and everywhere, where it comes to add additional beauty to your home, Stamped Concrete is preferred. It is so flexible in design; you can shape, texture and color it according to the need easily. You can use it for traction in over walkways also.

Installing Stamped Concrete is quite challenging tasks; you might face minimal issues if you have not prepared properly for pouring.

Step-By-Step Procedure for Stamped Concrete Process

Step 1. Subgrade Preparation:  Subgrade is one which gives structural integrity to the slab and decides the overall performance. It prevents drainage and soil erosion so that its preparation on top level is required. The subgrade must be well-compact size so that it can perform the desired tasks.

Step 2. Placing The Forms: Placing Form are made of wood, plastics or metal which is placed to cover particular area where Stamped Concrete is to be placed. It is really important to confirm wather shape and size are OKAY or NOT before you start pouring.

Step 3: Installing Reinforcement: Additional support is required to slabs to protect from cracking and keep slab structure well by maintaining joint. Reinforcement also helps to increase impact resistance.

Step 4. Screeding & Finishing The Concrete: When the concrete pouring over slabs gets complete, the concrete decorating and stamping process starts. For this screeding process is performed and then cement paste is applied over the concrete.

Step 5. Applying Color: Apply desired color to make your concrete slab colorful.

Step 6. Stamping Concrete: Before started stamping process keep all necessary items close and in enough amounts. Enough man power is also required. Because once you start Stamping the process should not be stopped and as soon as possible it should be completed.  Check and verify the stamping alignment and pattern in the mid of pouring, if it is misplaced then make it correct.

Step 6. Curing Process: To give strength and color to your concrete, deep concrete curing process is required. Do it in proper way. Know more about concrete curing.

Note: If you don’t get the stamping process properly then you will get wrong structure to your slabs which look ugly. If the structure gets wrong then it will be so costly and lengthy to repair. To be safe from these all issues you need to hire an expert concrete pouring company.

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