ouring concrete on a slope for most appears as coercion. In comparison to an even surface, constructing on the sloppy ground is complex. Thus, it’s obvious to be questioned about How to Pour Concrete on Uneven Ground.

Even experts can face technical issues in executing the process. Obviously, the task seems quite challenging, and people give up before trying.

However, the procedure remains similar irrespective of the surface. Nonetheless, it doesn’t at all mean neglecting the additional measures necessary for accomplishing such tasks.

The key to how to concrete a slope demands only basic preparation and careful planning. It can ease the entire process of laying concrete on a slope. But,


How To Pour Concrete On Uneven Ground?

Concrete slope paving is all about basic preparation and minute details during the process.

Without having these steps as a concern, the prospect of how to pour a concrete driveway on a slope will seem tricky.

In contrast, looking at a few aspects of the concrete slope paving it can work out with ease.

Perimeter Layout

The first step involves cleaning of the entire pad area as per the thickness required from the base level. Next, leave some room to build the form around the perimeter.

When laying in the pad location employ a string and stakes. Place only a stake past the complete corner support in every direction. You have to place two stakes per corner. Make sure the string interest in a way defining the corners.

Around the pad location, fix form boards whenever required to stick to the contour of the land as possible. Either wider boards or boards stacked completely enfolding the deeper side of the form.

Assemble the inner edge of the boards using the string lines. Now, hoard them into position with the top edges flush by screwing corners together where feasible.

Surface Layout

Now, you require some point of reference capable of holding form boards at applicable elevation. Also, which prevents it from stooping from the extreme concrete pressure. For a length of 4 feet under, one stake around 2inches inward from each end of every board is enough.

In case, you use a longer form of boards, applying another stake at mid-distance will help substantially. For more deep-seated pads, think about inserting more stakes as per your preference.

Mark the altitude of the surface on the stack as per surrounding. Moreover, make a similar mark on the other stakes with a 6-foot level or string level. This would be applicable for passing rainwater away from residence or other construction according to the local codes.


Once you have a fixed plane for concrete pouring, you can move forward.

Now, screw 1-by-2-inch or 2-by-2-inch wood strips for lateral bracing across the top of the form board to stop them from stopping outward.

Besides, the step helps in providing the means to hold steel reinforcement bars or rebar. In case, only a single layer of rebar is needed, using the top of masonry blocks it can suspend.

The Pour

To know how to pour concrete on a steep slope, the calculation is the key. Before pouring, compute the volume of slope concrete needed. Just multiply the length, width, and depth (consider both ends the same as the low end).

Furthermore, calculate the volume again. This time use the depth of the deeper end while keeping the length and the width, the same and divide the product in half.

Now only, the shape of the triangle remains. Also, add this concrete slope paving in cubic feet.

Before Finishing

It’s time for the most pivotal step of how to pour concrete on a slope. The pouring process must be slow and carefully done.

Well, using the concrete vibrator or stringer guarantees suitable distribution in bigger and complicated forms. However, for most services, a stick that works fine helps coax the concrete to minor spaces and corners.

Take off the excess concrete with a straight board. Averts the lateral braces as much as possible.

Afterward, remove the clipping wires and finish off by using a wood hand float to smoothen left blemishes.

Now, you are aware of How To Pour Concrete On Uneven Ground. Lastly, there is no maximum slope for concrete pour, it’s just a few basics that you need to comprehend.


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