Concrete Pump Trailer Rental

Nowadays, it is a very common to see concrete pump trailer being used in a large-scale commercial construction project.

This has become very reliable & efficient means of placing concrete and is economically beneficial as well.

With the help of trailer pump technology, placing concrete in a certain location has become easier than before.

It easily reaches out on those location where concrete truck can’t reach such as high rise buildings and large slabs where the concrete is needed.

Moreover, the effortlessness and speed of concrete pump trailer rental makes it most beneficial technique of concrete placement.

Let’s begin to talk about concrete trailer pump that can pump concrete even to the higher places, allowing us to save money, time and labor.

What you’ll look through in this blog

  • What is concrete trailer pump?
  • Classification of Concrete pumps
  • Salient features of concrete trailer pump rental
  • Buying vs. renting concrete trailer pump
  • Concrete trailer pump bottom line

First off, take a quick look on a short description about Concrete pump and its classification.


Concrete Pump Trailer Rental: A Brief description

A concrete pump is a machine which has been made especially to transfer liquid concrete to the construction site.  This machine vehicle is generally used for the building industry.

Concrete pumps plays a crucial part in the making of buildings, bridges and also dams.

Trailer pumps are considered as a backbone of the concrete industry which smoothly do their job with less exposure and little fanfare compared to their boom pump brothers.

Concrete pump trailer rental is very common for concrete contractors that place concrete on daily basis.

For most homeowners and contractors, it becomes very easy to rent the concrete pumping equipment from a business that holds their own concrete pump trailer with a trained concrete pump operator.


Classification of Concrete pumps

Concrete pumps are classified in two different groups.

  • Truck-mounted concrete This group is categorized by flexible tubes which are linked together in order to manually place the concrete to the right spot.
  • Trailer-mounted boom concrete pump – It basically uses a robotic arm instead of tubes which is attached to a truck. Its robotic arm is known as boom pumps that places the concrete where it is needed. They are mainly used on larger construction projects because they have the capability to pump the liquid concrete into greater heights. These truck mounted concrete pumps get utilized for smaller constructions such as swimming pools, sidewalks and smaller houses.

Do you know, what Concrete Pump Trailer has come up with?

To know, checkout its features discussed below:

Concrete Pump Trailer Rental: Salient Features

Concrete pump trailer claims to deliver powerful performance for a long period of time. It also provides superior durability, reliable pumping, smooth pumping, and unbeatable flexibility in order to meet the needs of your most demanding job.

Some of its silent features are as follows:

  • Refurbishable wear parts
  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Low operation cost
  • Enhanced oil lubrication system
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Very effective reverse pumping
  • Completely leak-proof system
  • Less chocking problems
  • Most suited for high rise & long distance pumping
  • Safe system ( from cleaning point of view )
  • Powerful agitator
  • Completely isolated hydraulic & concrete system
  • Operator & maintenance friendly design
  • Flap straight design for concrete outlet
  • Bigger “S” valve (Inlet diameter of 200 mm, overall length of 800 mm)
  • Well suited for handling 40 mm nominal size concrete
  • Operations can continue in spite of electrical system malfunction
  • Standardized core pump in all the models, reducing the spares inventory carrying costs

Is it really a good idea to continue with concrete pump trailer rental or buy a concrete pump truck?


Don’t worry, we are here to help you to overcome with this situation and decide whether you should rent the concrete pump or buy it as per your need.

concrete pump trailer rental

Buying vs. renting concrete trailer pump: Find out which is more efficient

Until and unless you plan to use a concrete pump frequently, buying your own pumping machine may not be fruitful in a long term, especially when the cost and time required for pump clean-up, repair and maintenance are beyond your limit.

Before making any decision you must figure out, for how many hours you are going to use a concrete pump annually and then compare the cost of buying a pump to the average hourly rental rates in your area.

On the other hand, contractors who pump a lot of concrete, the cost of concrete pump trailer rental can really start to add up. Simultaneously, it can be proved to be a better investment to buy a new or used concrete pump trailer, as soon as you figured out the investments you are making on renting a concrete trailer pump.

Apart from considering the cost of renting, the pump contractor should also consider the volume of work done annually.

Overall, if you are planning to buy your own pumping machine then in such case, renting a concrete pump trailer or hiring the services of a pumping contractor makes more sense than buying it.

Whereas, for contractors, purchasing concrete pump trailer would be more beneficial than renting.

Hopefully, all your confusion regarding Concrete pump trailer rental and buying has been cleared.


Concrete pump trailer: The Bottom Line

Finally, trailer concrete pump has a broad range of benefits to all stakeholders in the construction project.

Concrete pump trailer rental can be the way to go for a lot of contractors, but owning concrete pump for some concrete contractors might make more financial sense. The trailer concrete pump is very necessary in the delivery of concrete to inaccessible site. It helps to reduce the delivery and handling time of the mix which are important in the durability of concrete.

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