oncrete is a prominent material in the construction industry. In fact, the material has been used by crews for centuries.

Whether it is the construction of buildings, landscapes, structures, and more, it offers an affordable mixture.

Concrete takes diverse forms by installing and drying. However, one property of the paving material remains intact. Well, it is an environmentally friendly source for viable home construction.

Moreover, the concept turns easy to comprehend, when you look at concrete mixtures at all stages of the construction process. So, let’s know about Environmentally Friendly Concrete.


What Is Concrete?

Concrete consists of water, aggregates (sand, rock, or gravel), and a cement paste. Usually, the mixture reaches the worksite in a fine powder form.  By mixing it with water, it becomes useable for various applications.

In its natural form, concrete is an eco-friendly material sourcing from rock and raw materials found naturally on earth.

Moreover, powders are biodegradable. Hence, these construction companies can recycle them if they aren’t properly useful.

In short, concrete is a sustainable, inventive, and offers long-term results with correct and appropriate applications. It is the best Eco Friendly Building Materials available currently in the market.

Is Concrete Sustainable?

Concrete remains sustainable until the industries supervise how much they are using.

A business generating material as per demand will create the smallest water throughout the production process of concrete.

In fact, these companies can recycle and reuse almost 100% of the concrete left. Also, there is no need for packaging requirements in the delivery of contents.

Well, the paving material utilizes the amplest minerals on earth. It is limestone, which is feasible for structures and surfaces.

The manufacturer of concrete can create its powder out of power plants and steel mills.

The following constituents act as alternatives for concrete mixtures. Surprisingly, each element is a waste byproduct of industrial amenities:

  • Fly ash
  • Slag cement
  • Silica fume

These main constituents are also referred to as sustainable concrete materials.

Concrete Durability and Thermal Mass

Construction products need to last for years at a time to be sustainable. While wood rots, grows mold, and burns easily, concrete can double the lifespan of competing materials.

Concrete buildings and structures stand strong against intense weather, flooding, and other disasters that create complications for property owners.

Structures built using concrete experience thermal benefits for keeping heat and cool air inside when you need it the most.

This ultimately reduces the effects of emissions coming from HVAC equipment.


Is Concrete Environmentally Friendly?

Concrete is eco-friendly in every aspect.

Particularly, it’s highly Environmentally Friendly when it comes to its usages as a surface for installing parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and other flatwork applications.

It is porous and lets water sip through it. Moreover, the absorbent properties of the material are highly suitable and appropriate.

It controls water runoff and stormwater accumulation across entire communities. Concrete surface supports with flash flooding. In fact, they let direct water away from crops, soil, water sources, and more.

In fact, construction firms can utilize concrete to lead water to drainage and sewage systems for filtering.

Demolition and Concrete Recycling

Well, not every building is designed to remain forever. Luckily, Environmentally Friendly Concrete is recyclable. Hence, the demolition crew can recycle the material, which was once present in the structural foundation.

As long as the paving material is free of contamination, it is still recyclable. The concrete company uses industrial crushing equipment to crush the construction materials for reuse.

Machinery separates the constituent parts from demolition projects. This is how the old concrete is again used as an additive for new concrete mixtures.

Old Green Concrete is ideal for the following construction projects:

  • Asphalt creation
  • Landscaping rock
  • Aggregate for new concrete
  • Paving (walkways, driveways, and outdoor surfaces) and more.


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