Concrete Walls are the simple and low-cost way to add a focal point that also serves as a gathering area.Concrete Seat Walls are one of the short concrete walls that are designed for easy seating. It’s often a design feature that is included in retaining walls nearby to outdoor living spaces. Seating Walls are a low cost and simple way to enhance your backyard living creating extra seating space and at the same time keeping the natural and striking appearance of stone.

Seat Walls can be installed for various different purposes and in many different styles. The walls can be straight and curved, freestanding or joined into a retaining wall, finished with stone or stucco and so on.

Seating Walls are the vital element to a well design garden, dividing and defining areas and bringing multi-dimension and texture to your landscape. Now let’s discuss some of the design ideas for seat walls.

Design Ideas For Concrete Seat Walls

1. Fire Pit Seat Walls

Fire Pit Seat Walls

Add seating to one side of a fire pit by having a seat wall installed. The Seat Walls here are fixed stone with a colored concrete cap. The wall has an S curve that helps it to blend well with round design of the fire pit.

2. Seat Walls As Patio Borders

Seat Walls patio border

Concrete Seat Walls serve as beautiful borders for patios. In this case, the seat wall offers extra seating in the event that all the tables and chair are free

3. Increase Safety with Seat Walls

Increase Safety With Seat Walls

Sometimes, Concrete seat walls serve two purposes. First, it is used for seating and second it prevents people from stepping off and tripping due to change in height.

4. Seat Walls with a Backrest

Seat Walls with back rest

The seat wall is integrated with a built-in grill with the fire pit area. This is the most efficient way to make built-in seating more comfortable.

5. Decorative Seat Walls

Decorative concrete wall

The decorative Concrete Seat Wall consists of unique designs on both the walls and the patio.

Seat Wall Construction Tips

  • Construction of concrete seat walls is easy and doesn’t require any special permit in most of the communities. A typical seat wall is constructed using 8—12-inch wide cinderblock and topping it with a decorative cap of brick, stone or cast concrete.
  • Be sure to offer adequate drainage and waterproof your seat walls when using them as small retaining walls or planters.
  • Proper waterproofing minimizes unsightly mineral build upon the face of the walls caused by moisture that wicks through from behind.

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