Cement Grouting Machine

Today, a number of pumping machines are available for different applications. Now, it’s totally on the operator’s hand to understand the specific features of the material he aims to use.

Cement Grouting Machine are versatile and multipurpose pumping, mixing and spraying machines. As their name indicates, they can pump grout, spray virtually any pre-mixed materials or finished coatings such as fire-proofing materials, paint, mortar, stucco and plaster.

In this blog, you will get to know

  • About Cement Grouting Machine
  • Cement Grouting Machines Features
  • Guidelines To Use Grout Machine Properly

Let’s get started with a brief discussion on Cement grouting machine.

About Cement Grouting Machine

Cement grouting machine is manufactured basically for infrastructural industry.

This cement grout machine is basically a hand operated diaphragm pump broadly used for grouting both medium and small cable pipes.

The suction of a good quality cement grout is done with the movement of the diaphragm, in which the pressure is  preserved by two ball lock values that are provided at outlet and inlet.

The pump can generate the pressure up to 4lg/cm2 (40 PSI) and releases approximately 190 liters of cement grout per hour.

Cement grouting machine can be used to door jams and fill small voids. They are also available in either gas, electric, manual, hydraulic and air powered.

We at Maple Concrete Pumping has gained expertise in delivering a quality approved Cement Grouting machines to its client. This machine provides high performance and longer functional life.

It is one of the most versatile grout pumping equipment that come with a number of features.

Cement Grouting Machine

Cement grouting machines Features

Some of the features are offered by cement grouting machine that makes it reliable. Those feature includes:

  • High quality washer
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Optimum performance
  • Longer functional life
  • Industry proven designs
  • Sturdy construction

Guidelines to Use a Cement Grouting Machine and Mixer

Cement grouting machine mixes sand, stone and cement in a particular ratio. This grout pumping machine is well designed to firmly press the mixture into any structure or grounds that needs construction.

The work is carried out by using a pump machine that is attached to the mixture. This whole process is referred as grouting and mainly used when leveling out concrete slabs, raising up sunken floors, sure-up hollow door frames and water proofing jobs.

One thing you should keep in mind that grouting mixture should always be of best and high quality.

This is because poorly mixed grout mixture frequently results in weak structure and that could be hazardous because the construction might collapse due to instability and might hurt someone badly in this process.

Thus, before repairing the structure, make sure that you are using the best high quality grout mixture.

Moreover, to save some time and money, you can use a Cement grouting machine and pump whenever you need because grout pump can complete its work efficiently and quickly.

Although the Cement grouting machine are quite expensive but once you use them, you will notice the amount of material than manually mixing cement, sand and stones.

You must know that the capacity of grout machines vary and only a standard grout pump is able to mix a variety of pre-blended mortar.


Cement grouting machine is easy to clean and maintain and comes with excellent features and user friendly interface. Further, it is widely used in different industries such as civil, automobile and construction and many more.

It is recommended to talk to a professional or an expert before using a Cement grouting machine. This is because you need to understand the ratio and substance of the mixture required for a particular task.

Whenever you see a sunken or cracked floor, immediately contact a professional to repair it. Remember, if you repair early, you will spend money and can also prevent the situation from getting worse.

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