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Concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. It is strong and durable building material that is produced in ways that are environmental friendly. Now homeowners choose concrete as a natural choice for sustainable home construction.

Here in this blog we are sharing the factors responsible for Concrete Sustainability:-

Resource Efficiency

The basic raw material for cement in concrete is limestone, which is most abundant mineral available on the earth. Concrete can also be prepared using fly ash, sag cement, and all waste byproducts from power plants. Overall less energy is consumed in the production of the concrete as compared to other building materials.

Thermal Mass

Buildings built of concrete walls, floors, foundations are highly energy efficient as they take advantage of concrete inherent thermal mass.

Ability to Retain Storm Water

Paved surfaces tend to be impermeable and blocks natural water infiltration into the soil. It affects the natural ecosystem and causes issues like water table depletion, erosion and pollution. Pervious Concrete helps to retain storm water runoff with the help of its sponge like network of voids.

Minimal Waste

Concrete can be produced in the quantities required for each project reducing waste. Concrete can be easily crushed and recycled into aggregate for other uses.


 Concrete reduces the effects produced by urban heat islands. Light colored concrete pavements and roofs absorb less heat and reflect more solar radiation than dark colored materials like asphalt.


Concrete is highly durable material and builds long lasting buildings and structures that will not rust or decay. Life span of concrete structures is nearly double of other building materials.

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