Thermal mass Concrete

The Concrete Industry is continuously making significant energy and CO2 reductions to lessen the impact on the environment. Inherent Thermal Efficiency of concrete offers more potential to reduce long-term operational energy use of buildings than other construction material.Concrete is extremely versatile when it comes to structural and material properties. Majority of homeowners make use of concrete for its high strength, fire protection, insulation and most important for its high thermal mass property that leads to thermal stability.

Concrete helps in buffering of large part of heat gains such as solar radiation and decreases energy consumption to improve thermal comfort.

By exploring the concrete’s thermal mass, energy consumption can be highly reduced by tempering the need for heating and cooling in a building.

How Thermal Mass Works?

As a heavyweight material, concrete acts as a buffer during hot weather by utilizing free heat gains, such as solar radiation and heat from occupants, store this energy and then release it later in the day. On the other hand the ability of concrete to get cooled at night, help to lessen the warming effect of the building.

The Thermal Mass Of Concrete in Buildings Has Other Additional Benefits:

  • Smoothes out fluctuation in internal temperature
  • Reduces Heating Energy consumption by 2-15%
  • Delay peak temperature in Offices and other Buildings
  • Reduce Peak Temperatures and make air-conditioning unnecessary
  • Reduces energy cost of buildings
  • Make best use of low temperature heat source such as ground source heat pumps

Concrete’s thermal mass works best in buildings where there is variation in regular cycle of temperature.For instance, in schools and offices where peak internal heat gains are significant and coincide with peak solar gains,the buffering effect of concrete helps to reduce and delay the start of peak temperatures.

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