Concrete pumps are highly efficient and are the important part of any construction project. It is used to transfer liquid concrete by pumping it to the construction site. Concrete Pumping systems are usually fitted with articulating arms made of steel that supports the steel tubing.

It comes in various mobile forms and is especially ideal for working on bridge, slabs, cellars, extension, stairs and building works. Also, it helps to keep the track of the equipment. Less water is required to prevent shrinkage and cracks after placing the concrete. Plus, it is long lasting and stable.

It is categorized mainly as three types of concrete pumps : –

  1. Boom or Truck mounted Pump
  2. Trailer, Line, or Stationary Pump
  3. Specialized Usage Pump

Let us discuss  the details of three types of concrete pumps one by one: –

1.Boom or Truck Mounted Pump

Boom Pump

The category of this type is mainly connected to the truck and works by a remote controlled articulating robotic arm. Another name is known as boom which places the concrete accurately at the construction site. That is why it is called truck-mounted boom pump. It has a capacity of pumping high volume i.e. why it is used in large construction project. It reduces the labor power by its multi-tasking robotic arms.

2.Trailer, Line, or Stationary Pump

Trailer Pumps

The category of this type requires steel or rubber hoses to be attached to the outlet of the machine. The hoses are manually attached to one another with extension hoses to reach the site where the concrete required. Trailer pumps pump concrete at a rate lower than that of boom pumps and hence, used in smaller volume pumping such as swimming pools, sidewalks, and small homes concrete slabs.

3. Specialized Usage Pump/ City Pumps

City Pumps

The category of this type is used for specialized jobs sites such as mines and tunnels. Specialized usage pumps are highly costly and have an extra specialized mechanism, therefore, it is not commonly used for general purposes.

Why these days concrete pumps are more popular in the Construction Industry?

Well, here you will get some benefits of concrete pumps that will help you to understand its importance at the construction sites.

Benefits of Concrete Pumps : –

  • Concrete pumps are the best option available for placing concrete at the construction site at a faster rate.
  • Concrete can be placed easily and at a faster rate at inaccessible sites.
  • Labor manual power is also reduced by using specialized concrete pumps because of less handling needed for it. And it can exactly be placed directly at the desired location.
  • It saves man power, energy, and overhead costs.
  • One of the great benefits is that Concrete placing is not affected by weather conditions.
  • Totally reliable and guarantees high-quality work.

Concrete Pumps results in the more stable end product which offers great safety of your project and gives its large durability. As it is durable you won’t have to pay for maintenance or brand new pour for the longer period of time and it definitely saves your money in the future.

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