Putzmeister trailer pump

Those who are working in construction line they must be aware with this brand name “Putzmeister”. It is a prominent and leading Trailer Pump supplier company worldwide. The company has a motto to deliver the savvy equipment for construction projects to make concrete pouring easy. The company manufactures pumping equipment in various size and shape with easy to use options.

We at Maple Concrete Pumping use all pumping equipments of Putzmeister that offer a secure and reliable way to complete the construction project. Its Trailer Pump are versatile in features and shape, you can choose your desired one according to the need of the job. Our concrete pumping services are affordable and really under your budget.

We have skilled Trailer Pump operators who have deep knowledge about safety tips and concrete pouring tips.

What Our Operators Do:

Check Machine before Starting Pumping : It is required to check each and every external parts like, tire, breaks, air piston, etc. and internal parts like, pipe, hose, nozzle, etc. They also assure that electricity connection is working proper or not.

Check Trailer Pumps Safety Signals: Safety is very important for any construction project. So, our operators do care about it. They test trailer pump for safety tips like, red signals, emergency stop buttons, pipe connection, etc.

Inspect Pipeline: Clear pipe makes concrete pouring easy and safe. If pipe line is not cleaned or curve then you might face severe accident issues. Our operators do check pipelines and confirm its status before pouring.

Concrete Mixture Quality and Availability in Hopper: Low mixture quality decreases the longevity of the building. If Trailer pump continues to run and fluid gets end then it might also cause severe accident.

Stay Friendly With Other Workers: Friendly behavior with other workers and dedication towards work is culture of our organization. Our operators are well mannered and will create a friendly environment with other workers on the same job site.

Trailer Pump

We, at Maple Concrete Pumping ensure you to deliver the highest quality and reliable concrete pumping services. We have well maintained Putzmeister Trailer Pumps and certified operators.

Tell us your need, we will work on that!

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