Now-a-days, everything is possible suitably by using the suitable machines weather the job is to blend up cement or throwing concrete it to some higher destination.

Trailer pumps are getting to be unavoidable as these can not only make your job smoother and easier but also make the work faster too. Thus, the companies that are equipped with trailer pump system are also having the benefit in finishing their projects a lot sooner.

Trailer Pump Technology employs fewer numbers of workers and is capable to finish the work in a short time. In this blog, we will explain how trailer pump is delivering smooth and reliable pumping with huge flexibility and convenience.

Let’s start with Maple’s Trailer Pump technology which is required for high performance in the construction project.


What Maple Delivers in its Trailer Pump Technology?

Due the excellent performance of our Concrete Trailer Pump, it has been the most popular machines. Some of its extended benefits are:

  • Smooth and reliable pumping
  • Superior durability
  • Exceptional convenience
  • Unbeatable flexibility
  • Labor-saving nature

You would feel strong zeal to get these machines which provide huge flexibility and convenience to your work.

This is reason when you would look into the performance of trailer concrete pump, the cost of project appears little but provides tremendous scope to fulfill your objective.


Trailer Pump Operation and Performance

Concrete Trailer Pumps are naturally robust, and are capable of handling a wide variety of unscreened water-borne debris and slurry mixtures. The speed of pump is occasionally changed to get more or less flow and pressure.

A small alteration in the speed may result in a huge variation in the required power. Enhancing the speed by a factor of 2 hugely upsurges the horsepower requirement by a factor of 8.

This is what Maple offers and results in delivering trailer pumps with high pressure, high performance. Almost all agencies now-a-days are trying to find machines delivering powerful performance across multiple application in no time.


Powerful Performance across Multiple Applications

Maple has a unique technology to combine both high output and high pressure in one pump. We have trailer pumps of different series which facilitates pumping in a wide variety of applications, such as high-rise and long-distance concrete pumping, sludge pumping, tunnel construction and other specialty jobs.



Trailer pumps offer substitute for traditional truck-mounted pumps which are more expensive for run. Maple lets you to face challenges on jobs where you can find weight or access restrictions.

#1: Convenient Controls

The control panel is completely enclosed for weatherproof wear and consist of an emergency stop button. The remote control enables the pump on/off, forward/ reverse and stroke change, with a standardized auxiliary hydraulic connection on the pump.

#2: Making Quick Work of Tough Mixes 

Our specially designed and powerful Trailer Pump handles the toughest mixes with pourable consistencies down to a 0″ slump, with a maximum of 2.5″ (63mm) aggregate size.

#3: Heavy-Duty Tandem Axis

It is intended for highway travel and job site use, the steel frame trailer pump is completely equipped by four manually-operated outriggers including a front jack stand with a support wheel on a towbar.

#4: Rugged Delivery Cylinders

Our especially designed consists of hard-chromed material cylinders and automatic central lubrication of the heavy-duty multi-piece piston cup which guarantees long service life.

These advantages will meet your job with a better completion and save your time in any construction project.

If you are still confused or encountered with any query, then use our customer assistance as our prime concern is customer satisfaction and safety.


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