Cast in place and Precast concrete

Precast concrete is now making its different appearance in construction line. Many constructors love to go with this form of concrete pouring because of its easy installation process and affordability. But yet the importance of Cast-in-Place (traditional) concrete pouring method has not vanished.  Both have their own importance in construction line.  Here we have discussed about both Precast and Pour-in-Place method of concrete pumping.

Have a Look to Identify Which is Better For Your Construction Project.

Cast-In-Place Method

A considering benefit of pour-in-place concrete method is that the pouring procedure gets familiar with the construction site. Traditional method of concrete pouring is really sturdy because it turns to solid form, from melted form at the same place. It gains much strength to handle hazards and remains in solid state for long duration. The shape and size looks good as it does not need to be shifted. It is also easy to repair in future if gets cracked.

Cast-in-place concrete is most costly and requires many labor and high attention at the same time. But through years of experience, experts conclude that traditional method of concrete pouring is better, especially for big building as it has to stand for years.

Precast Concrete

Precast is a newest form of concrete pouring which is extreme labor intensive and needs less attention. According to industry experts, the ratio of cost of precast concrete is half of pour-in-place concrete.

The Reason Behind Low Cost is:

  • Less Labor Requirement
  • Production of Multiple Slabs At a Time
  • Multiple Use Of Single Hollow
  • Season Doesn’t Affect Procedure

As far as season is concerned, it also does not affect the installation process of precast slabs. You can easily install in any season at any place. There is no need to wait for sunny day for concrete pouring. It is specially used in bridge construction where construction is to be completed urgently. It makes construction project fast and end the jobs soon.

The problem with precast concrete is that, it does not provide flexibility in shape and size. It is a solid form of concrete having a fixed shape and size; you cannot modify it even if needed. It is also not familiar with the construction site. It is heavy and hence requires large cranes to be lifted to construction site.

Both Precast and Cast-in-Place concrete pouring method has its own benefits. Now, you decide which one is suitable for your job.

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