Maple Grout PumpingAs we all know that a wide variety of pumping techniques are available for many different applications, it is incumbent upon the operator to become acquainted with the specific features of the material he intends to use.

One of the versatile pumping equipment is-Grout Pump having flexible features.

Grout Pumps are multipurpose pumping machines used for spraying and well as for mixing machines. It is a piece of equipment available in our Concrete Equipment category.

Grout Pumps equipment is utilized in the accomplishment of concrete pumping projects. Usage of proper safety equipment or machines is always recommended. Our specialized professionals and expert staff are available to answer any queries regarding proper usage of the equipment.


What we will discuss in this blog?

  • Why to choose Maple’s Grout pumping Equipment
  • Grout pumping Tips & Tricks
  • Grout Pumping Applications


10 Reasons to choose Maple’s Grout Pumping Equipment for Concrete Pumping projects

Because of the following reasons, Maple’s Grout pump are recognized for its high performance and long functional life.

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  2. Easy to operate the machines
  3. Speed up your job
  4. Knowledgeable and Expert staff
  5. Dependable new units
  6. We service all varieties and models
  7. Large rental fleet
  8. Reinforce concrete
  9. Available at reasonable and affordable price
  10. Easy to clean

To operate various Grout pumping equipment, there are some suggestions must be followed.


Here are some Grout Pumping Tips and Tricks

Suggestions offered here are recommended to help you out in identifying some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while mixing and pumping grouts.

#1: Materials

Amongst the commercially produced materials existing in the market today are materials for structural repairs, floor toppings, high strength non-shrink grouts, manhole and sewer lining mortars and other specialty materials.

Each of the above materials must be well understood to ensure a successful application, beside the fact each of them has versatile feature.

#2: Flow

Undoubtedly, materials need to have flowable or pourable consistency for effective pumping. This implies that if the material can be poured out of a container or bucket, it can probably be pumped.

The materials requires aggregate pumping when the consistency need to be boosted that is not too wet, not too dry. This consistency results in best performance.

#3: Setting Time

Some of the materials comprises accelerating admixtures to minimize the setting time. This is correct for repair mortars and other spray applied materials in particular so that strength gain can be fairly rapid.

It is essential to keep moving while using these kinds of materials. At the time, material is mixed, it must be pumped quickly and kept in motion and succeeding batches must be mixed and pumped as soon as possible.

Any delays in the application process can cause wrought hoses.

#4: Pumping Distance

No matter what material is being used, Pumping Distances should always be kept to a least possible and hoses should run straight. But, circumstances require longer than usual hose lengths every so often.

When this happens, every effort must be taken to use all possible advantage ensuring a successful application.

#5: General Procedures

Step#1: Rinse the mixer and charge the pump hopper with sufficient water before trying to mix and pump production materials.

Step#2: Thoroughly flush the pump and all grout lines, residual materials or scale that may exist in the grouting system.

Step#3: Once it is finished, eliminate the grout hose from the pump and drain all water out by uplifting one end, or by gradually elevating the entire hose, starting at one end and proceeding to the other.

Step#4: Mix a slurry made of Portland cement in estimated proportions of 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 gallons of water to one bag (94 lbs.) of cement, and pump this over the grouting system.

Step#5: Now, the production grout is to be mixed and pumped quickly after the slurry mix, which is evacuated from the hose, and can be retrieved in a pail.

Once this happens, finally remove the plug to empty it of the material.


Grout Pump Applications

#1: Tunneling

  • Void Fill & Masonry Block Fill
  • Stabilizes loose material in excavation
  • Stops inflow of water into construction

#2: Mining

  • Crosses fault zone & secures the overburden
  • Minimizes the rock mass permeability
  • Reinforces coal in the area of having rock burst risk

#3: Foundation of Buildings

  • Fixes the walls of construction pits
  • Low piling in soil with reduced bearing capacity

#4: Bridges and Roads

  • Repairs construction cracks
  • Strengthens and seals the brick and stone masonry on bridges


The variety of materials are capable of being handled by the Maple’s Grout Pumping Equipment, means the unit is appropriate for a number of different environmental and construction applications.


Summing Up

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