Concrete Repairing Tips

Concrete is solid and durable material with high compressive strength. It is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water. Once the water in the slurry evaporates, mixture hardens and gain strength to form hard mass known as concrete. The improper curing process causes the concrete to shrink slightly, resulting in cracks. Cracks in concrete also results from inappropriate ratio of mixtures. You can make simple concrete repair yourself.

 Check out the simple methods to repair concrete crack(DIY):-

Patching Cracks in Concrete

Technique for patching cracks depends on the size of the crack:

Narrow Crack

concrete repair

  • First of all remove all loose debris from the crack and surrounding area with wire brush and broom.
  • Fill up the narrow cracks using masonry crack filler, available in cartridge to be used in caulking or fill the crack using vinyl concrete patching compound.

Wide Cracks

repair cracked concrete

  • Cut the edges of the crack using a small sledge hammer and chisel. Crack becomes wider at the base than at the surface and can be repaired more easily.
  • Clean the area surrounding the crack using wire brush and broom. Wash the area with a stream of water. Mix vinyl patching compound and put it on cracks. Fill the mixture evenly to remove air pockets.
  • Smooth the mixture using trowel
  • Once the patch has set, brush the surface to match the surrounding area.

Repairing cracks in concrete make the concrete look better and also extends the life of the concrete. Always wear gloves, safety glasses, long sleeves and long pants while repairing cracks yourself.

If you observe frequent cracks or bulging walls at your home, then don’t try to repair it by yourself. The cracks might indicate more serious structural issue. It’s better to call an engineer for repair.

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