Toronto’s Top Concrete Line Pumps supplierThe Maple construction industry in Toronto, Canada has always been renovating and evolving new simpler and faster methods of concrete pumping. It offers cost friendly services with skilled and certified professionals to meet 100% client satisfaction.

One of the Top demanding services by the clients is the Concrete Line Pumping used for transferring liquid concrete to make buildings of greater heights.

Concrete Line pumping is the most relevant and effective way of pouring concrete wherever it is needed. It has a flexible nature installed with portable units generally used to pump structural concrete, grout, mortar, shotcrete, wetcreeds etc.

How does Concrete Line pumps work

The concrete pumping process discharges concrete from a ready mix truck into a hopper on the trailer pump. In the hopper, the agitator keeps on making fresh concrete which flows into the pumping cylinders. For the constant and un-interrupted concrete flow, the pistons in both the cylinders operate in opposite directions. With the help of the synchronized valve, concrete from both the cylinders flows into the pump discharge hose.


Advantages of using Line Pumps


 1)Most Convinent Way of Pouring Concrete

These pumps can easily access any awkwardly distant located area of the construction site where barrows or cranes can’t reach. It would have taken plenty of labours with rigorous efforts to complete the task whereas with the help of concrete pumping it can be done with added accuracy and faster results.

 2)Increased Concrete Pouring Speed

Speed matters a lot for any construction process. These pumps are mounted on trucks or trailers which is accessible to all parts of the site. Thus this method is cheaper and convenient way to achieve faster results.

 3)Gives More Concrete Strength

The Concrete Line pumps require less amount of water in comparison to the other conventional poring techniques. Thus the concrete after getting the shape does not form cracks or get shrinks after the set-up. This preserves the concrete inner strength.

 4)Higher Accuracy and Quality Pouring

It offers higher accuracy and quality concrete pouring. With accurate concrete pumping, there is a little or negligible material wastage with fewer delays. Thus it is the most eminent and cost friendly technique which saves money from the waste management and site cleaning service.


Maple concrete pumping is a top concrete pumping company in Toronto, Ontario with over 5 years of excellence in concrete pumping. We offer a wide range of machinery like Putzmeister TK40, the ultimate choice for wet process shotcrete application. Schwing SP 750-18 and Mayco LS 500 are another products available in a small package for multipurpose construction projects.

Toronto’s Best Concrete Line Pumps supplier

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