Benefits of Concrete Pumping Equipments

A concrete pump is electronic equipment which is basically used in construction line to transfer liquid. It is attached with a ready mix truck and pours concrete to the final destination. On the basis of its work, it is divided in two parts called Boom Pump and Line Pump.

Boom Pump: It is a self-contained pump which has a frame and a truck. It is used to target long destination. It has a long reach pump which easily covers a wide range of area.

Line Pump: It is portable kind of pump which is used when you need to pump structural concrete, grout, wet concrete, mud, etc. It has versatile features which make pouring too easy.

Benefits of Concrete Pumping Equipment

Saves Time:In any construction project time is really very important, If you make concrete poured by labour, it will take too much time. With the use of concrete pumping equipment you will be able to save your precious time.

Enhance Productivity: Machine gives more output than the labour. Labour takes too much time in preparing the mixture. But when pumping equipment is used, it takes few minutes to mix cement, grout, water, etc. and generates maximum amount of mixture.

Superior Accuracy: As the equipment has its own mixture truck and pipe to pump the concrete to very close to the destination. So, there are fewer chances of mistakes in concrete pouring.

Decreases Expenditures: If the concrete pumping equipment will take less time in pouring, then optimum changes for accuracy is obtained and it is understood that it will decrease your financial budget. It needs only few workers and few days to complete the project.

Employee Safety: The chances of accident will be less because the employee will be less and they are not required to carry or pour fluid manually.

Where Concrete Pumps Are Used?

  • In Agricultural projects
  • In Residential Projects
  • In Civil Projects
  • In Commercial or Industrial Projects


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