Grout Pump

The standard of Grout Pumping continues to be same from last few decades. To decrease hydraulic conductivity available in underground areas or complex structures, like tunnels and caverns Grout Pump is used. It is also used to pump into combined and wrecked areas to fill the hole or damages.

The pumping equipment is laced with an agitator, Grouting pump and a mixer. Today’s modern Grout pumping equipment is inbuilt with a volume and air compressor system which permits to manage the volume of Grout and piston’s air pressure. With the help of piston, optimum output with high pressure can be generated. Modern Grout Pump equipment consists of Ultrasound Velocity Profiling and Pressure Difference (UVP+PD) technology which ensures the safety of Grout pumping. It helps to measure the variation in pump and flow of Grout to different places and suppose to control the flow of piston.

The above mentioned points about pumping elaborate that it will be necessary for you if you are involved in any construction project.  And if you don’t have pump then no need to worry, Maple Concrete Pumping is now providing all kinds of pumping services on rent.

About Maple and Its Services


Maple Concrete Pumping is a leading provider of all categories of pumping equipment and services including Grout Pump services in Toronto. The company has 5 years of experience in this filed. The engineers are skilled and well trained and committed to provide the satisfactory services in definite period. The professional are highly dedicated towards their job following all safety tips.

Pumping equipment rental services are offered by company with competitive price.  The equipments are well maintained and latest in industry and based on UVP+PD technologies.

Take experts’ advice before renting Grout Pump or its services if you have any query. Professionals are also here to assist you regarding concrete pumping, only you need to make a call on +1 (905) 564-6790 to Maple’s experts, you will get the satisfactory assistance along with best services.

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