Void Concrete Filling

The unique process of Maple’s void-filling employs an array of special high density expanding polymer resins which are typically injected through small diameter holes drilled through a concrete slab into voided soils conditions such as blast rock into annular spaces or any other spaces.

Light Foamed Concrete is a perfect filling material, because of its placement characteristics. It is free flowing, fills every gap and can be applied even through small openings. Its fluidity means it can be placed through narrow openings, by gravity or by ordinary concrete pumps. The job can be tackled without too much disruption at the surface and does not leave any hidden gaps.

When Foamed Concrete sets and cures it does not collapse or shrink and it does not impose large lateral loads. Maple Concrete Pumping has been filling voids in Toronto for more than five years. We also commence any kind of civil, commercial, industrial, resources and infrastructure requirements through assurance of true quality and an example of perfection.

Void concrete filling foam is designed to flow longer before it cures. The low viscosity of the polyurethane allows it to flow and fill gaps. All this means less mess and inconvenience and a minimal loss of use of the slab. In commercial settings, loss of use can be a significant cost when considering repairs.

At Maple, We deal various kinds of concrete services like

  • Concrete line pump
  • Small line pump
  • Small concrete pump
  • Commercial concrete pump
  • Concrete floor pour
  • ICF concrete filling
  • Void concrete filling
  • Foam pouring concrete

ICF construction meets the public’s demand for homes and buildings to be more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible while also supplying the benefits of extreme comfort, quiet, and safety.

At Maple, we are continually providing training and taking measures to improve the overall performance of each of our dedicated professionals, operators, and employees. We have marked ourselves to fulfill your assignment requirements, delivering our superior equipment and service.We don’t underestimate the factors like higher energy costs, consumers’ heightened sensitivity to the environment, and safety.

You can  contact us  for your concrete placement needs in forthcoming void filling requirements at very competitive price.

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