Transparent Concrete Emitting Light

Transparent Concrete also known as Translucent Concrete or Light Transmitting Concrete is formed by replacing aggregate with transparent materials. The bonding material of transparent concrete transmits light using clear resins of the concrete mix.

Origin of Transparent Concrete

It was originally developed in 2001 by Hungarian Architect Aronlosonzi using optical fibers. This concrete is light weighted than original concrete.

Reason For Using Optical Fiber in Concrete

Optical Fiber in Concrete can transmit light at an incident angle greater than 60 degree.

Transparent Concrete

Materials Required to Form Transparent Concrete

Fiber optics and Fine Concrete mixture combine to form Transparent Concrete. Optic Fibers mix with concrete just like other aggregates. These Optical Fibers transmit light from natural and artificial sources into spaces surrounded by the translucent concrete panels.

Materials Used:

Cement: Optical Fiber is responsible for transmission of light, there is no need of special cement. Ordinary Cement will do the work.

Sand: Since, transparent concrete is manufactured using fine material, so, it’s essential that sand should be free from any impurities such as large stones and vegetation. The size of the sand should pass through 1.18mm sieve.

Water: Water used for the formation of transparent concrete should also be free from any impurities.

Optical Fibers: Optical Fibers in the range of 4 to 5 % by volume are being used for transparent concrete. Thickness of the optical fibers varied between 2 micro meter and 2 mm to well suit the need of light transmission.

Benefits of Transparent Concrete

Light Emitting Concrete

Due to property of Transparent Concrete to transmit light, it is used to make green buildings. Since, it can transmit light from natural as well as artificial sources; it can meet the demand for lighting, saving large energy cost.

Since, transparent concrete uses sunlight as the source of light instead of electrical energy and reduces power consumption. This can be a great benefit for cold countries. They can use transparent concrete as an effective material for building homes.

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