Concrete Trailer Pumps

Construction is the process of building a structure to the real property. Concrete Pumping is an essential part of any construction work. It is an important process that ensures smooth and uniform distribution of the concrete in large or small locations.

The pumping equipment used during pumping concrete varies in shape, size and complexity, each serving a useful purpose. One of the useful pumps used in construction work is the concrete trailer pump.

Concrete Pump which is either mounted on the truck or placed on a trailer is commonly known as Concrete trailer pump. It consists of steel or flexible concrete hoses require to be manually attached to the outlet of the machine. Those hoses are attached together and lead to wherever the concrete is required to be poured.

Trailer Pump is a versatile concrete pump and is popular because of its ease of use and flexibility. It is available in various styles depending on the size of the job and amount of concrete required for the project. Trailer Pump can easily handle various types of concrete mixtures without damage to the motor of the trailer pump. The cleanup process is very easy with trailer pump and so it is a highly reliable type of pump.

Trailer pump is used to pour all varieties of concrete, mortar, shotcrete, grout, foamed concrete and wet screeds. Now come to the specifications of the Putzmeister TK 50 Trailer Pump.

Putzmeister TK 50 Trailer Pump Specifications


 U.S.   Metric
Concrete Output Per Hour

54 yd³/h

41 m³/hr

Maximum Aggregate Size

1.5 in

38 mm

Maximum Pressure on Concrete

1,150 psi

79 bar

Pump Length


4.4 m

Pump Width


1.7 m

Pump Height


2.2 m

Pump Weight

6,000 lbs


Hopper Capacity

9.5 ft³

270 L

Horizontal Pumping Distance

1,100 ft

350 m

Vertical Pumping Distance 500 ft

152 m

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