Transferring concrete in an inaccessible area is an intricate task. This is something every construction project owner is feeling distraught for. This makes their work gets delayed and even if it starts it takes longer than usual. Laborer also faces difficulty transferring concrete.

Do you such site that is inaccessible?

Don’t Worry!

Since every problem has a solution, this problem has a solution too. Trailer Concrete Pump is the best solution for this problem. These types of Concrete Pumps are an important part of any construction project. The pump is highly efficient for transferring mixed concrete by pumping even in an inaccessible area. And, the concrete will be transferred directly to the specified area.

Now, you must be willing to know how it works to transfer concrete to the specified location even in an inaccessible area.

Keep reading to know….

How Does Trailer Concrete Pump Work?

A Trailer Pump is a tool for conveying ready-mix concrete. The pump has a piston which draws liquid concrete into the cylinder from the hopper and the second piston pushes the concrete into discharge pipes.

How Does Trailer Pump Work

Trailer pump will be mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer. This can also be referred as a line pump or trailer-mounted concrete pump. And, from a certain distance concrete will be transferred to the specified area through the pump. This makes your Concrete Floor Pour work considerably easy.

Benefits of Concrete Pumps

Trailer pumps are playing a significant role in the construction especially in rural areas. It is a dedicated pump for the inaccessible area.

Benefits of Concrete Pumping

#1: Quality Mix

The quality mixture is the key for long-lasting construction and that’s the prominent reason you should opt for an increased-quality pump. As early you’ll choose one as much beneficial it would be for your construction.

#2: Fast

A tool which is certainly slow will not do well enough. This is the pump on which you can rely on the work without any delay. As you’re going with this kind of machine, you can have trust that it’ll provide real value as time passes.

#3: Easy to Operate

As the pump is automated, you don’t have to do much. Simply, you need to put cement, water, and other material. Rest of the things this machine will do itself. It makes the mixture in a very easy way and that would be of high-quality.

Schwing SP 750-18 Trailer Concrete Pump

This is one such Trailer Concrete Pump which is highly efficient at the job. This pump is reachable even in an inaccessible area. It’ll amaze you buy the performance you’ll attain.

The pump is can place concrete from a medium-rise building to 1000 foot plus horizontal placements. Some owners report years of continuous service only regular maintenance Grout Pump for block fill, structural concrete on commercial projects, and high-volume shotcrete.

Schwing SP 750-18 Trailer Pump

This pump has all the feature you need to handle a wide range of mixes at volumes that meet the requirement of most projects. It helps you to attain a higher volume at longer distances.

How Does Schwing SP 750-18 Provide More Profit

  • Output- 70 cubic yards per hour
  • Pressure- 1100 psi
  • Aggregate Size- 1.5” Max

Rock Valve and Big Rock Valve

The revolutionary rock valve and optional big rock valve provide supreme consistency. This provides you with completely rebuildable valves in the industry.

Schwing SP-18 Trailer Pump Specifications


U.S. Metric

Concrete Output Per Hour (cubic yards-cubic meters)



Maximum Pressure on Concrete (psi-bar)



Maximum Aggregate Size (in-mm)



Maximum Horizontal Pumping Distance (feet-meters)



Maximum Vertical pumping Distance (feet-meters)



Concrete Cylinder Diameter (in.-mm)



Differential Cylinder Diameter (in.-mm)



Concrete Cylinder Stroke Length (in.-mm)



Maximum Pump Strokes Per Minute


Main Hydraulic Pump


Volume Control

0 to Maximum

Concrete Valve Type

Long Rock™

Shifting Cylinders


Hydraulic Tank Capacity (gallons-liters)



Hydraulic System

Open Loop




Hopper Capacity (cubic feet cubic meters)



Outlet Diameter (in.-mm)



Length (in.-mm)



Width (in.-mm)



Height (in.-mm)



Weight 7500 lbs

3402 kg


Schwing SP 750-18 Trailer Pump Other Detail

*Pumping distances are shown to be considered as a guide only as this can considerably exceed on specific projects. Maximum attainable distance depends upon concrete mix design and on the diameter of the pipeline. Maximum distance and output can’t be achieved simultaneously.

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