ersatile pumping equipment has replaced the need to use heavy cement mixers to position concrete at the right site.

Concrete pumps have their use across a number of residential as well as commercial projects. Though, there’s just one problem and that’s selecting the right concrete pump for your upcoming task.

It’s quite obvious that choosing the right kind of concrete pump adds unmatched efficiency to your project.

While it may seem like all concrete pumps essentially serve the same purpose, the use and functionalities do vary. And understanding those differences should be your primary goal before making an investment.

So, coming to the major types, we have concrete line pumps and boom pumps, each with their unique features. The type you select will depend on your project’s scale, scope, and worksite conditions.

Here, we discuss these Concrete Pump Types in more detail to help you make the best choices.


Concrete Line Pump vs Boom Pump – Which Type Is the Best Fit for Your Concrete Project?

So, how do you choose between a concrete line pump and a Concrete Boom Pump?

Both these equipment are best in their own rights depending on the scale at which you’re handling things.

Below, we offer a brief but a deep analysis of which of the Concrete Pump Machine is better for what kind of work. Read on to grasp the basic understanding of both the equipment.

#1. Concrete Line Pump

These are one of the most common types you’ll find at many residential as well as commercial sites. The reason being their wide scope and application flexibility.

Concrete line pumps are compact units with a long hose that’s attached to a trailer-mounted stationary pump. That’s actually the reason why concrete line pumps are often called stationary pumps as well.

The concrete pouring hoses are manually attached to the machine and offer greater flexibility when placing concrete at distant locations. Plus, there’s also a possibility to attach multiple hoses.

As these machines are compact in size, it becomes easier for the crew members to transport them around a job site.

The only limitation, though, is the slower pump rate when compared to their boom pump counterparts. Thus, line pumps are most commonly used for small-scale applications.

It’s better to hire Concrete Line Pump Rental services if you’re going to do pouring for concrete slabs and sidewalks.


  • Height reach of up to 50 feet
  • Compact equipment ideal for smaller workspaces
  • Easier to transport around the Jobsite
  • Flexible hoses for concrete pouring at distant locations
  • Cost-effective investment


  • Medium to low concrete pouring flow rate


#2. Concrete Boom Pumps

Using concrete boom pumps translates to concrete pouring with greater accuracy and efficiency. These are perhaps the most valuable and worthy investments when you need to reduce labor costs for pump placement.

Further, these machines are equipped with articulating arms attached to a truck-mounted pump. These arms are controlled remotely and could pump large volumes of concrete.

Thus, concrete boom pumps are leading choices among many large-scale construction sites.

Contrary to line pumps, a boom pump can actually access hard-to-reach areas with their flexible arms. Moreover, the remote-controlled arms could also reach areas at different heights with enhanced maneuverability.

With a much faster pump rate, these are the Best Concrete Pump to increase project productivity. Though, workers will have to be trained properly for operating the machinery and making boom configurations.

Choose to invest your time and money in boom pumps if you’ve got a large-scale commercial construction work on your hands. High-rise buildings could also use the tensile arms of a boom pump.


  • High-volume concrete pumping capacity
  • Arms to pour concrete on to inaccessible areas
  • Concrete pouring with greater accuracy and precision
  • An ideal choice for heavy construction work
  • Quick turnaround
  • High concrete flow rate
  • Boom configurations make it easier to maneuver around obstructing structures


  • Expensive


Which Type Should You Hire?

So, hiring which Concrete Pump on Rent do you think would be a wiser solution for your project?

To summarize,

a concrete line pump is a budget-friendly option for small-scale jobs. On the other hand, a boom pump will need you to make a substantial investment. But that doesn’t mean these machines are not cost-efficient.

Rather, they could reduce the overall project cost and, at the same time, can prove to be a useful addition to reduce project inefficiencies.

Also, consider the project size and the kind of concrete pumping method you require.

For instance, the construction of a high-rise apartment building would definitely need equipment like a boom pump. Whereas, pouring concrete for a driveway could be done with just a line pump.

So, in this case, you won’t be needing to invest a big sum into renting boom pumps.

Even better, we can help you sort through different options and equipment models. We’ll assist you to get the most out of the rental agreement, always!!


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