Are you distraught thinking how would you pour the concrete in your inaccessible area? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. As the tradition are changing we’re getting new and updated equipment’s and tools for every kind of work and so do for concreting. You can pour concrete even in a very narrow and inaccessible area with the small concrete pump.

A concrete pump uses pump technology to transfer liquid concrete via a pipe with an immense amount of pressure. Through this pump you can pour the concrete in the area you couldn’t even think. These pumps are even able to transfer the concrete to a great height like a high rise building.

Small Concrete Pump mix the concrete well and provide high-accuracy of transferring the concrete. Maple Concrete Pumping will help you to pour the concrete efficiently in an inaccessible and a job site from a great distance area.

Before start pouring the concrete, you should position the concrete pump for the higher accuracy.

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How to Properly Position Your Concrete Pump

Safety should be your priority and so positioning of the truck is one of the major concern for concrete pouring operation. If you position the pump incorrectly then it can turn your pumping job into a nightmare.

Positioning the Concrete Pump

Operators should not always rely on their eyes for far away objects so they should use technology for this operation.

  • Use a remote control to measure the distance between the concrete pump and the wires. The best measurements can be done perpendicular to the concrete pumps, between the power wires and placing area.
  • Assistance must be provided to the operator of the concrete pump from the spotter using the walkie-talkie or hand signal.
  • The operator should position and extend the concrete pump during daylight before the dark. After dark, a powerful flashlight or spotlight should be used to check the distance between pumps and the power lines.

Things to check before unfolding a pump truck on a new site

#1: Power Lines

Many elements of the pumps are very good conductors of electricity. Moreover, the high water content in the concrete makes it a great electricity conductor and the pump should not come in the contact with the power wire. This is exactly why electrocution among the concrete pump operator are the primary cause of death.

check power lines before unfloding

Operators should wear rubber boots while they are in working condition. As this provides safety against the high voltage from the residential power line carriers. Proper equipment on such job site is mandatory to prevent accidents.

#2: Excavation

If the pumping needed to do in an excavation area then you should keep the pump one foot away from the edge.

In case of a slope, the pump may not need to have such a big setback. However, you should observe this minimum distance in case of a vertical drop-off.

concrete pumping in excavation

When you’re pouring the concrete in an excavation then you have to be aware of the pumps because it’ll have a small downward reach.

#3: Concrete Pump Truck Stabilization

Most of the pump trucks including Small Line Pump use wood and aluminum pads, as well as layers of cribbing in order to spread out the loud. You should take into the consideration of bearing capacity of the soil and the one of the cribbing.

stablization of concrete pump

This is the most important step in the concrete pouring project. You should give time to make the proper measurements and calculations required for a safe installation of the concrete pump.

#4: Other Obstacle and Limitations

When you are positioning the pumps, you should pay attention to the scaffoldings, buildings, or cranes because the job site may be obstructed by these.

obstacles of concrete pump

Pick the proper concrete pump for your project. If it is too short, it may be able to pour the concrete correctly but it may encounter various obstruction.  So, choosing a concrete pump isn’t enough for concrete pouring job but taking into the consideration all the obstacles is more necessary.

Do you need a small line pump for your Project?

Concrete pumps are the best way to pour the concrete in a specified area with high-quality and accuracy. Whereas, small concrete pumps would be accessible in an inaccessible or difficult to access by workers area. Maple Concrete Pumping will help you in providing these machines to make your concrete pouring work easy.

We’ are always there to help you with providing new machines and used machines for rental and sell new and used machines as well. We do provide a machine on rent with or without operator according to your preferences.

Our pump rental services are on the basis of weekly, monthly, or for the long term. Make your concreting easy with our boom, trailer, or city pumps. We’re expert into concrete pumping and concrete finishing.

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