Concrete floors are major constituent for any kind of buildings. Concrete is a versatile material and makes the building durable. But, the main difficulty comes when it comes the time to pour.

Pouring a concrete slab isn’t stress-free but if you’ve done for several times you can pour it in a pretty easy way. If you do it properly it can save you dollars else it’ll be your biggest mistake.

But, how can you make your concrete durable?

You should Pour concrete slab foundation to raise a wall. But, you’ll never want to take a chance if you’re a newbie of concrete pouring. Make proper planning and detailed attention of the project before pouring the concrete. This way your building can last longer.

If you would like to learn how you can do Concrete Floor Pour, you should first learn how to set up the forms and get it ready for the pour.

But, how to form a concrete slab in different steps?

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Different Steps of Pouring Concrete

#1: Prepare the Site

The first and utmost important step is to prepare the site. If there is some slope or high and low side on the ground is there, make is level. Concrete won’t get its best compaction until the ground is flat.

preparing site for poring concrete

You should also remove all the dirt and debris present in the area if any. The concrete will be durable if it’s built on solid and well-drained soil.

#2: Build a Strong and Level Form

Since concrete is the semisolid form of material which can’t stay without support. Concrete forms are designed to give support to the material which can be made up of wood, metal or plastic.

  • We can lay a 4 to 8-inch thick base according to our need.

building form to pour concrete

To build a strong firm foundation to pour the concrete, you should build a strong form. You can make a better form by choosing straight, strong, and smooth boards. Cut the longer length of the board to make it exact width of the slab.

#3: Prepare the Base

Your job doesn’t start just by mixing the material and pouring it on the floor. Preparation is the key to success. So, you should prepare a strong base before you start your job.

preparing base for concrete pour

A strong base is a must for durable concrete because it needs reinforcement for added strength and cracks resistance. You’ll need additional tools and bundle of tie-wires to prepare the site. Concrete wants some support and the tied iron rod will stickle it.

#4: Prepare Concrete Truck

Pouring concrete is a speedy work. So, to lower stress and avoid any kind of mistakes make sure you got everything ready. Double check your concrete form to ensure if that is square, level, and straight.

small concrete pump

It would be good if you use concrete pumping. These pumps can transfer the concrete directly to the specified area. If you’ve a commercial project you can hire a Commercial Concrete Pump. Concrete pump doesn’t need more labor to spread the material as it automatically spreads a bit.

#5: Pour and Flatten the Concrete

Be ready with the shovel and other tools before DY Concrete Pumps arrives. As pumping starts laborer should hustle to spread the material perfectly. A shovel helps to push (spread) the material.

flatening concrete

You should start striking the concrete as soon as the material has been placed to the specified area. Don’t leave even a single void and make the surface flat and smooth. Start using bool floating after to remove any spots left to create a flat and level surface.

#6: Float and Trowel for a Smooth Finish

After pouring the concrete and flattening it you’ll need to finish it. Before you start finishing let the slab get harden. Once the slab is hard enough to resist thumb imprint you can start floating.

troweling concrete for smooth finish

Start grooving (finishing) when concrete can support your weight. Grooving allows inevitable shrinkage to take place at the groove rather than at some random spot. For better and denser finish use magnesium float with a steel trowel for trickier concrete finishing.

The Bottom Line

If you would like to save dollars and pour concrete on your own, you’re going to make a big mistake. Maple Concrete Pumping is a dedicated concrete pumping company with over 8 years of experience. We know concrete better and would give you better finishing and make it durable.

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