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What actually means living in a concrete dugout? We will discuss what ICF (Insulated Concrete Foam) Construction is, and in what way it differs from traditional construction.

ICF Concrete Filling are even easier than you think, it offers Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Safety and Faster Construction which adds to the end result for builders and homeowners.

According to the Market Research conducted in 2016, Global Insulated Concrete Foams (ICF) is expected to show an exceptional compound annual growth rate of 27.5%. North America is currently dominating the market for insulated concrete foams followed by Europe and APAC.


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  • What is an ICF Concrete Filling?
  • Why we select Insulated Concrete Foams
  • Cost of ICF Construction
  • Whether it is suitable for shelter
  • How an ICF Homes performs during emergencies


What is an ICF?

ICF is a system of framework for reinforced concrete consisting of rigid thermal insulation that halts in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls and roofs.

At the most basic levels, the foams can be categorized into three main categories:

  • Block: Blocks are manifested using a single foam process, each ICF blocks comprises of two EPS Panels, held together through a sequence of specially engineered plastic web connectors.
  • Panel: The panels are strongly held in a position at regular intervals by plastic webs, and can be piled on top of each other in a style similar to blocks.
  • Plank: Plank ICF have size similar to the Block ICFs in one dimension and Panel ICFs in the other dimension.


ICF concrete walls are crammed between two layers of insulation materials, typically EPS forms. The foam blocks are piled as interlocking blocks, allied through steel reinforcing rods.

In ICF Construction, two insulating surfaces of the foam block are divided through a web and concrete is poured into the cavity. The foam blocks are left in a place to provide insulation throughout the life of a home.


Why to choose ICF Concrete Filling technology?

Home builders and consumers are looking for building strategy that delivers best performance as we need tighter building envelope and constant insulation. This is the reason ICF is becoming popular choice for every climate (warm in winter and cool in summer).

Insulating Concrete Foams delivers bottom line to builders and building owners by proving surprising benefits.

Owners appreciate ICF due to its below advantages:

  • Robust walls
  • Disaster resistance and thorough safety
  • Mold, rot, mildew and insect resistance
  • Rigorous blocking ability
  • Overall comfort
  • Energy efficiency and resultant cost savings

Contractors and builders appreciate ICF due to its below advantages:

  • Fast and easy construction
  • Full Flexibility
  • Light weight for easy shipping and erection
  • Compatibility with carpenter crafts
  • Capacity to meet greater energy codes mandates with less complicated construction


ICF Construction doesn’t cost more

Now the question arises “How much does it cost to build an ICF home?” the answer to this question depends on the local market in relation to the cost of material and labor.

But there is also a case of wood framed home as well. After several studies of ICF construction cost, HUD determined that utilizing an ICF wall construction usually adds around 3 – 5 % of the total purchase price of a typical wood frame home and approximately 5 – 10 % of the house construction cost for land.

According to this HUD report,” The additional cost of ICF construction should be considered against longer-term benefits.

Construction cost are only chunk of big dreams of smart and sustainable homes. The total cost of construction and ownership can be smaller because ICF houses are more energy proficient and the heating cooling equipment can be minor than in a frame house.

In this way, it can cut the cost of the final house by an estimated square foot.


Whether ICF Construction is suitable for shelter?

One of the major reasons to choose ICF Construction is its energy efficiency. The walls are uniformly insulated with a solid sheet of foam inside and out results in channels not to seep through the air.

The amount of concrete used in the structure contributes high thermal mass to home. This means that it holds temperature very well-Warm in winter, Cool in summer.

Beside concrete walls, we also have a TempCast wood burning masonry stove embedded in the basement of ICF Homes, which acts as a primary and secondary combustion chambers. These chambers captures heat from the fire and gradually radiates it into the home.


How an ICF Homes performs during EMERGENCIES?

We appreciate the energy efficiency, the noise reduction, the robustness, the non-toxic materials, the maintenance and so many other factors.

The prime motivating factor of our choice regarding ICF Construction was safety. In case of emergencies, an ICF homes protects you well.

ICF offers protection from:

  • Storms, Tornadoes and Hurricanes
  • Fire
  • Impacts and projectiles
  • All kinds of Radiation such as alpha, beta gamma rays.
  • Seismic activity such as earthquakes


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