ICF Concrete Filling

Whether you are building a multi-level commercial structure or a home, you can’t skunk the rewards of building with Maple’s ICF Concrete Filling.

ICF Concrete Filling are easier than you think. It offers Comfort, Safety, Faster Construction and Energy Efficiency which ultimately get added to the end results for both homeowners and builders.

Commercial constructions using ICF Concrete Filling is an option readily available to all building designers for certain situations. But there are some important considerations to contemplate while comparing ICF concrete filling to other competing concepts.

What is ICF Concrete Filling?

ICFs or Insulated concrete forms are vacant foam blocks which are grouped together to transform into a shape of the load bearing and exterior walls of a building, strengthen with steel bar and finally filled with concrete.

Insulated Concrete Forms are actually form-work for concrete that remain in the place as a permanent building insulation for cast-in-place, floors, energy efficient, reinforced concrete walls and roofs.

Initially, ICF construction has gained the momentum as per many aspect. It provide energy efficiency and greater wind resistance than wooden residential construction.

Here, we have listed the pros and the cons of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) concrete filling.

Pros of Insulated Concrete Forms

There are several advantages of ICF concrete filling method. In which, some of those are listed below. ICF walls also cover the benefits of concrete wall construction. Thus, it can withstand in most extreme seismic forces and winds. ICF constructed building are water resistant along with long life span.

  • Easy Construction

Insulated Concrete Forms are of extreme lightweight. Thus, it help in making construction an easy task for all crews and builders who are familiar with the technology.

  • Two Built-in insulation layers

The foams layers provide good levels of sound proofing and insulation. However, it all depend on the thickness of foam that is inserted in the layer. Regarding climate issues, in cold climates, the ICF insulation standard falls very short.

  • Recycled Materials

Insulated Concrete Forms are incorporated with a huge amount of recycled materials. That’s why, it is considered as the best and effective, durable and flexible construction method.

  • Lightweight Structure and Acoustic Comfort

Lightweight structure allows the builders to construct buildings more efficiently, easily and quickly than any other conventional methods. And it can be done without compromising unity of the structure.

After discussing the advantages of ICF concrete filling Toronto, let’ have a look on a few cons associated with it.

Cons of Insulated Concrete Forms

  • Insulation Value

The insulation value of the standard ICFs range varies from R-15 to R-26. However, this range is considered as excellent for hot as well as moderate climate. But this is not good for cold climates and strong energy efficient buildings.

  • Expensive Methods

As per many estimates, ICF constructions is almost 8% more expensive than SIP and wooden construction. Especially, in the place where masonry construction is less common and wooden construction prevails.

Most of the Eco-friendly ICF products are most expensive and have lower insulation value as well.

NOTE: Remember insulation value (R-Value) can be increase of the ICF walls construction by gluing extra rigid foam to the existing forms. Therefore, the only problem is the cost.

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