How to Insulate Concrete Floor Before Pouring

If you are willing to construct a proper insulating basement in your new home or an extension in your area, then there will be a time when you want to pour a concrete slab. It is mainly when you apply insulation under the concrete floor and equipment as forming and pouring the concrete slab. Most people think of applying insulation over the concrete slab but it costs much. This is the addition of wood subflooring and various other components that increase the complexity of the project.

As per your curiosity, let me tell you that one-third of total heat loss can be caused through the poorly insulated basement. Due to the poorly insulated basement, it starts decaying the base-insulated area and then entire basement starts decaying gradually. So, nowadays when the underpinning process is done, walls near the ground are building up to the damp-proof course. The damp-proof course is a waterproof material which helps in avoiding damp.


There are various ways that need to be conceded before you start Concrete Insulation Process: –

  • First, determine your area heating degree days (HDD) by consulting local weather bureau. HDD is a method of measuring  the number of days that building requires heating and also used to decide the appropriate R-value. That helps in obtaining the depth of your insulator.
  • Now, you should measure the length of the width of the slab. Then you get to know the amount of rigid foam insulation requires covering the slab by multiplying the length by width. The perimeter of the slab can also be measured from measurement of the top edge to the vapor barrier. These spaces will get covered by the insulators.
  • Place the foam board on the vapor barrier. Put the board in the corner until entire vapor barrier is covered. The need for coverage is for maximum effectiveness and it must be continuous. The formed strip to be cut straightedge using a soft knife by sitting vertically along the edge of the slab.
  • When it comes to final touch, the insulated area is poured through the concrete slab. Carry all vertical pieces until the floor is fully poured by concrete. Discard the cut-off insulation and put them in the garbage bag for proper disposal.


These step by step procedure makes your task of Insulating Concrete Floor  easier to handle:-

  • Determine heating degree days (HDD) in your area.
  • Measure the insulation needed for covering the slab.
  • Place the board in the corner continuously till entire vapor is covered.
  • Coverage must be continuous for maximum effectiveness.
  • Cut down the foamed strip vertically along the edge of the slab using soft-knife.
  • Put concrete on the insulated area properly till it is fully poured.
  • Dispose off the small cut-off insulation parts in the garbage.

Equipment’s that required to Insulate Concrete Floor

  1. Rigid Foam Insulation – Rigid forms are used in your walls, floors. This foam has a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass, cotton, or cellulose.
  2. Tape Measure – It helps in measuring the depth of insulator.
  3. Marker – Note down the measurement needed for the concrete slab.
  4. Straightedge – A bar with one accurately straight edge, used for testing.
  5. Putty Knife – Soft knife to cut vertical end edge of the slab.
  6. Trash Bags – Needed to dispose off small cut pieces of insulation which are not used for the further purpose.

Instructions for you :

  • Be safe with a termiticide.
  • Use foam which ensures to avoid any termite infestation.


Always carry your goggles, gloves and a protection cloth, wear them before working with insulations.

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