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With the onset of hot weather, Construction industry needs to take extra care or implement additional measures, when it comes to concrete pouring. These are the critical situation where paying attention to some important points on hot weather concreting is required. This helps to maintain the quality of the concrete. High temperature puts a big impact on the set time of the concrete. So, it is essential to prepare for everything before concrete pouring in hot weather.

Let’s discuss what you need to prepare and follow while pouring concrete in hot weather.

Preparation Work

  • First of all, ensure that there are enough concrete finishers on the job site.
  • Try to plan an early morning and evening pour.
  • Schedule concrete trucks to avoid waiting time.
  • Consider transforming the concrete mix to include chemical set retarders and water reducers if other activities are not enough.

Other Useful Tips To Follow While Concrete Pouring in Hot Weather

  • Include enough manpower to manage the concrete when it is being poured and finished.
  • Use large size of coarse aggregates if hot water is required.
  • Avoid placing concrete during afternoons.
  • Make Use of Sunshades or Windbreaks to reduce possible harsh conditions.
  • Try to keep an evaporator ready on site in case weather turns hotter and water is being evaporated rapidly.
  • Use Ice as a part of concrete mix water or use liquid nitrogen to cool the concrete.
  • Minimize the mixing time once water has been added to the mix.
  • Consider Batching and Mixing At a Job-Site Plant.
  • Avoid mixing water to the pre-mixed concrete, once it is a part of the design.
  • All equipment needed to place concrete in hot weather should remained covered until the last moment.
  • While placing concrete for a slab, check the sub-grade before placing concrete.
  • Make use of cold water to dampen side forms for slabs.
  • Implement the right curing process to set the concrete uniformly.

Issues you may face while concrete pouring in Hot Weather

  • Placing Concrete in Hot Weather can increase difficulties of finishing concrete.
  • Cold Joints could be formed due to hot weather decreasing the setting time.
  • Strength and Durability characteristics could be reduced.
  • Concrete compression tests could result in lower strength results.
  • Placing Concrete in Hot Weather can increase the drying shrinkage of the hard concrete.
  • Hot Weather maximizes the risk of thermal cracking when concrete is placed.

So, by following aforementioned tips the damaging effects of hot weather on concrete can be reduced to a great extent.

cocnrete pumping in hot weather

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