hether its small construction project or a large one, concrete pumping serving serves best.

Not only it’s a good economical pick but it also speeds up the completion period for your projects.

However, these services are quite technical requiring adept skill and experience to perform. Also, the process involves several dangers and often results in numerous hazards.

Missing any point in the Concrete Pump Maintenance Checklist can result in disruption. So, fulfilling Concrete Pumping Requirements is essential.

To help you out with a basic idea, here we have covered up major Do’s And Don’ts Of Concrete Pumping. So, let’s check it out…


Responsibilities Of Concrete Pumping Company

Management is the primary key to diminishing safety issues at the worksite of concrete pumping. Eventually, the concrete pump company or contractor is responsible for the proper function of the equipment.

Also, it’s his task to accomplish the entire task with superb precision. Furthermore, they need to take care of potential hazards and treating from dangerous circumstances to avert possible accidents.

Its suggested that all concrete pump operators have safety certification. Of course, this avoids accidents as well as make thy learn to operate equipment safely.

Hence, the company should have its operator really with up to date and latest courses and certification to avoid onsite mishaps.

  • Before concrete pumping begins, the responsible person needs to site preparation. Well, this involves the removal of clutter and clearing out space for the concrete pumping truck.
  • Generally, space should be leveled and be large enough to get the pump usage. Further, space needs to be adequate to handle a couple of mix trucks.

Besides, other key concern involves:

#1: Powerlines

In your Concrete Pump Safety Checklist, Powerlines should be your top priority. In fact, most of the Concrete Pump Hazards, especially the fatal one occurs due to mishaps in powerlines.

Well, to prevent these kinds of situation, all operator must undergo electricity and power line safety training

Also, the nearest power line source at the job site should be declared as a danger zone and market with cones. Additionally, a spotter must keep checking it to warn the operator, when the equipment comes uncertainly close to the labeled danger zone.

We suggest you conduct a meeting over Concrete Pump Risk Assessment and proper handling of the service with safety by avoiding nearby powerlines.

#2: Cribbing

Sufficient cribbing is critical to allocate the weight or balance of an entire load of cement. Normally, the pump manufacturers provide with some outriggers pads with the boom pumps.

However, concrete pumping company may have some extra supplies of plates or wood dunnage. Well, this you can use for the additional cribbing you require.

#3: Outriggers

Apart from powerline accidents, poor outriggering processes can also lead to several hazardous accidents on the worksite. Usually, these occur during concrete pouring.

Of course, this occurs predominately utilizing outrigger without adequate cribbing. Of, the pre-preparation before concrete pumping isn’t performed properly to support the weight of an outrigger. Also, an unidentified underground void can be the reason for the tip-overs.

Well, the soil type can be a crucial factor in terms of regulating outriggers safely and steadily. In fact, each type of soil has a diverse load-bearing capacity.

For example, switching a virgin ground with a compacted gravel one has double capability of load-bearing. In several conditions, the tip-overs happen when the outriggers have not been completely drawn-out.

Do’s of Concrete Pumping

  • Getting proficiently trained and certified operators.
  • Hire only highly experienced concrete paving contractors.
  • Checking safety straps for wear and utilized on the tip hose and sagging attachments.
  • Pre-Preparation of the ground for appropriately utilizing outrigger pads.
  • Operators should always wear suitable protecting gear.
  • Only use concrete boom pumps functioning properly and having the latest inspections.
  • Eliminate all personnel from the region when air is inflowing the placement system.

Don’ts of Concrete Pumping

  • Never use a boom for the job of a crane.
  • Don’t unlock a coupling while it is pressurized.
  • Never mount on hydraulic systems for cleaning blocked lines.
  • Don’t remain in front of the releasing end of the cement pipeline.
  • Never hold clogged hoses being under pressure.
  • Don’t operate or use a concrete pump in dark.
  • Ensure no workers are nearby the discharge hose while it’s being primed.

Concrete Pumping Insurance, Why?

Regardless of your extreme care and planed concrete pumping job, accidents are prevalent. So, before hitting any job, we ensure Concrete Pump Insurance is up to date to protect our equipment, employees, and our worksite.

Major Concrete Pump Insurance:

  • General Liability Coverage: Defends businesses against various liability claims for property damage, physical injury and individual injury.
  • Concrete Pumping Insurance: Bids coverage for concrete pump rented comprising loss of revenue and additional expense, over-the-road liability, loss of payments, equipment in your care, and more.
  • Physical Damage & Auto Liability: Covers individual effects, tugging and the physical impairment of any rentals.
  • Workers Compensation: Coverage to guard workers that may be wounded on the Job-site while concrete pumping.

Commercial Concrete Pump can be a really dangerous job. Obviously, it’s the responsibility of the contractors to take safety measures to ensure all-round well execution.

Besides, the job should be planned with extreme care and pre-preparation should be done with adept. Also, using proper safety equipment and resolving safety issues further diminishes the chance of accidents.

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