Concrete Radiant Floors

Concrete slabs not only offers long-lasting and attractive interior flooring surface, they can also serve as a huge radiant source of heat.

Radiant Heated floors employ embedded tubing in concrete and circulate warm water throughout the building. Radiant heat from the floor creates a more comfortable heating profile for the residents than the forced air heat.

Radiant Floors are in use since 1990’s. Concrete with embedded tubing helps in heating as well as cooling the space. Concrete radiant floors make use of thermal mass and conductance of concrete to spread heating and cooling all over the floor and maintain a constant uniform temperature.

The Two Primary Types Of Concrete Radiant Floors Are:

  • Slab-On-Grade
  • Thin Slab On A Subfloor

For a Slab-On Grade Installation

concrete-slab-on-grade radiant floor

Tubing or electric heating elements are tied or placed to wire mesh or on fixtures to grip them in proper place before the concrete floor is placed.

The tubing or heating elements are fixed below the slab or anywhere up to 2 inches inside the floor surface, depending on the design and installation procedure selected. Insulation should be installed beneath the energy source of the slab. It force the heating and cooling up process in the slab and reduces the loss of energy.

For Installation on Wood Subfloor

Thin Slab on Subfloor

Tubing or electric heating elements are attached to the wood subfloor with fasteners holding them in place till the concrete is installed as the final floor. Concrete is separated from the subfloor with a slip sheet to avoid bonding. A rigid non-flexible subfloor is needed to avoid the concrete floor slab from cracking.

Applications Of Concrete Radiant Floor


Concrete Radiant Floor is basically used in residential and commercial /industrial purpose. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:-

  • Floor Warming—it provides warmth in a family room and eliminate cold bathroom or entry way floors. You can walk comfortable around your concrete floors even in winter months.
  • Space Heating and Cooling—It serve as a primary heating system for room, house or commercial building. It can be done by inserting tubing or heating elements into concrete walls.
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality—as no air is passed through dirty or dusty ducts, radiant floor heating serve as a healthier alternative to conventional forced air heat.
  • Radiant Heat is Silent & Invisible—As the system is entirely masked under the floor with no cluttering walls, baseboards or wall radiators, giving you comfortable and warm feelings.



Concrete Radiant Floors offers range of benefits and acoustical comfort due to the quiet transfer of the heat.

Let’s have a look on sustainability factors:

Thermal Comfort: Concrete Radiant Floors offers thermal comfort by heating and cooling. Radiant heat, heat up the floor, contents of the room and people than the air. Radiant cooling cool down the floor, contents of the room and the people.

Recycled Content: The concrete contains recycled content materials such as slag cement and fly ash as a replacement for Portland cement.

Energy Efficient: Concrete Radiant Floor increases thermal comfort and minimizes energy requirements.

Indoor Air Quality: Radiant floor minimizes the requirement of other flooring. They remove the need of forced air systems and contribute to air-quality concerns.

Solar Power Friendly: Solar Water heating can be easily done using hydronic radiant heating systems.

Due to enormous benefits, Concrete Radiant Heated Floors is gaining popularity among homeowners, mostly in the cold regions of the world.

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