In general, Concrete pump truck is a machine that is used for conveying concrete aggregate to its required place. As development begins concrete pumps has won war over the traditional methods of transferring concrete.

The operation of concrete pump is based on hydraulic and electrical systems. Concrete pump is especially designed to transfer wet concrete aggregate to the construction site. Now a days, concrete pump trucks are being used at all the big and small construction projects.

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Now, let’s back to the topic that you really want to know about is “How a concrete pump truck works?” In the above context as I explained, what concrete pump machine is? Why is it used for?

Concrete pump trucks are used for a wide variety of construction jobs to large-volume commercial and industrial projects in order to improve the capacity and working efficiency. Here we are going to discuss about the operation procedures of concrete pump truck.

  • Firstly, the truck discharges it’s all concrete into a hopper i.e. on the back of the pump truck. If the concrete pump truck is based on electric motor or on diesel motor, both the operation comply different safety procedures.
  • The hopper has a mesh grater that prevents any form of large rock or chunks from blocking the pump truck hoses. The hopper also has an auger that helps in churning the concrete keeping its liquid flowage.
  • Once all the concrete gets transfer into the hopper, it get sucked into a valve system in small intervals. In case if you don’t know what vault system is then here is the explanation, valve system is for controlling flow of concrete from the hopper to the pipe.
  • As some of the concrete is being sucked into valve, the concrete aggregate simultaneously pushed through the concrete pipe until it reaches the end of the concrete hose and transferred where it needed.
  • As long as the hopper stays full there are no blockages in concrete hoses, then the process of pumping goes quite smoothly.
  • Pay attention to check the valves, if any leak slurry discovers, the work should be stopped to repair or replacement.
  • In the downtime cause of error, drain slurry valve should be open to decrease the pressure. Concrete pump pressure should not drop to zero.
  • Maintenance work or climbing on the pipeline is strictly prohibited during machine process.
  • After the transfer, discharge concrete aggregate from the pump entirely, and then turning off the power supply.
  • The pump & hopper should be stopped immediately, manual cleaning of inner rotating pumps, always make sure to stand in a safe position. Washing pump shell, always make sure not to water electrical box. After cleaning, the operator is advised to leave all kinds of power switch blade.

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