onstruction companies need concrete pump rental services frequently. Well, if you belong to that industry, its often considered either to go for rental or to buy a Concrete line pump.

Both of these serves a great need, however, selecting one depends on a lot of technicalities. You need to have a clear evaluation of the concrete pumping requirement to determine if its time to buy a concrete pump truck.

However, Concrete Pump Rental is a lot easier and hassle-free. There are a number of companies offering smaller rental services for concrete pump at a reasonable price.

Of course, for most contractors and homeowners it’s convenient to rent concrete pumping equipment which comes with a concrete pump operator.

In fact, you need not check the technicalities to operate it. Even in case, it needs repair, the entire responsibilities go to a concrete pumping company.

This helps you focus on the completion of your project than the little details of concrete pumping. When you buy a concrete boom pump truck, you need to check on maintenance and other factors.

However, buying a concrete boom pump truck can also help you earn. All you need to do is rent it. Still, managing it requires lots of skill and knowledge. Also, you require a trained concrete pump operator.

Read  this blog to decide whether you should go for concrete pump rental services or you should purchase it.


Let’s Continue With Concrete Pump Rentals Or Purchase A Concrete Pump Truck

For contractors who require lots of concrete services, the cost for concrete pump rental can really add up to the big figure.

In fact, after analyzing your expenses over renting a concrete pump, it would help you in deciding. Of course, if spending is high, it’s better to invest in a new or used concrete pump.

However, Concrete Pump Rental Cost should not be the only factor to determine. The volume of projects you compete yearly can be a crucial factor.

Obviously, if your project ranging anywhere around 200-300 yearly, it’s wise to buy your own concrete pumper. You are going to need concrete pumping at least for half of those jobs so, it makes sense.

Waiting for a pump truck to arrive often wastes your time and labor expenses too. Hence, another consideration is important.

Being in the concrete business, you are aware of the time to time delays. Waiting 2-3 hours while the crew is idle, considerably adds to the cost of concrete pump rental.


Advantages Of Owning A Concrete Pump Truck

Owning concrete pumps obviously adds some distinction. This is why contractors after a specific time consider buying concrete pump tracks.

Here’s we’ve pointed out the benefits of owning a concrete pump truck.

  • Reliance over other concrete pumping company end, you can get the concrete pump whenever needed.
  • It’s easier to coordinate and get concrete pump whatever time you want concrete to show up
  • Scheduling multiple projects, back to back, with no delays. Eventually, saving big on labor cost.
  • Advances the efficiency of your company, with a faster rate to place concrete.
  • Less on-site preparation requirement saves time and money.
  • When idle, you can rent pump out and makes some additional money
  • Generates a tax reduction expenditure

These factors completely make buying concrete pumping better. However, there are lots of aspects you need to consider before you get one.

Some Things To Consider Before Buying A Concrete Pump

Of course, a concrete pump is a huge investment. So, you need to consider a few aspects before buying a concrete pump. Here’s it!

  • The cost of training a concrete pump operator.
  • Should you go for a used concrete pump or new concrete pump?
  • What you actually require a trailer pump or a concrete boom pump?
  • How frequently your concrete pump will be in use?
  • How many of the equipment is already available in your locality, is buying really worth it?
  • The expense for maintenance, greasing, cleaning, rebuilding the concrete pump, tires.
  • The price of purchasing concrete pipe, concrete hoses, concrete clamps & rubber gaskets.
  • Continuous safety drill & troubleshooting maintenance.

Concrete pump rental may make your job hassle less. However, owning your own concrete pump truck often makes more financial sense.

Consider the pros vs cons, costs vs savings, then only decide whether to buy one or continue with a rented one.


 Concrete Pump Rental – Buy Or Rent It

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