In the ancient days, it was quite difficult to complete the construction project. But the growing technology has made work easier. People have a scarcity of time to get stuck at one work. Since this is the age of machines all the works including construction will be done in no time. These machines also reduce the need for manpower and deadline and give more efficiency. And these all can be done with a concrete pump.

There are different kinds of concrete pumps available on the market like Portable Concrete Pump, Stationary Concrete Pump. These pumps are very efficient for various kinds of construction project. It’s common nowadays to use concrete pumps on construction sites, no matter if it is small scale or large scale.

Concrete pumps are used in both commercial and residential projects as well. This is just because it the tremendous benefit it offers. Concrete Trailer Pump simplifies construction process while providing greater accuracy on the project.

Based on the concrete pouring quantity you can get two key pumps. Boom pumps which are useful for pouring a large quantity of concrete while line pumps pour a smaller quantity of concrete.

If you want to know what other benefits you can attain with the concrete pumps, stick with us through this blog.

Advantages of choosing Concrete Pumps

Though one can conquer several advantages of using concrete pumps below-listed advantages are the most prominent ones.

#1: Increased Concrete Pouring Speed

As you want to get your work finished fast, you’ll want to get the maximum output from workers and the machines. So, speed is one of the important aspects of construction projects. This is the major advantage you can reap over traditional concrete pouring methods.

increased pumping speed

Once you buy or get concrete pump rental, your job becomes effortless and hastier. These pumping tools will be mounted on the trucks or trailers to enable them with greater access even in the inaccessible area.

#2: Quality Concrete Mixing

When you buy concrete pumps or get it on rental, you don’t require much water to prepare the mixture. Moreover, the mixture won’t get mixed with the mud and other kinds of debris that can weaken its quality.

quality concrete mixing

The mixture will have the least possibility of it to suffer from defects such as cracks or shrinks. This is exactly why concrete pump yields you a high-quality and long-lasting mixture and projects that require almost no to fewer repairs.

#3: Sizes According to Need

As the height or length can differ according to the site, concrete pump does come in various sizes. The boom truck length mounted on a truck can vary anywhere between 50 feet to 200 feet. With this pump, you can deliver concrete even at a height of 200 feet.

concrete pump size

Whereas the line pump can vary anywhere between 125 feet (38 meters) to 393 feet (120 meters). These trucks also come in several types, each to suit the prerequisite of different projects. Single-axle trucks which are built for greater maneuverability are used in confined spaces and multi-axle ones are used in large scale projects.

#4: Reduced Manpower

With the traditional method, you had to hire a number of workers to get your work done. But, with these machines hiring the workers has been reduced. And, as you need to hire fewer workers, you don’t need to pay an extensive amount to them. This can be a big save for you.

reduced manpower

These machines deliver the concrete to the required space thus you don’t have to bother to hire skilled labour for your project. In addition to these, the trailer pumps mix the concrete quite quickly and transfer it to the desired location.

#5: Greater Accuracy and Precision

This is one of the major aspects every construction project owner want to achieve. If you would like to achieve the greater accuracy and precision, you must buy or rent either of these pumps. These concrete pumps would work even in the inaccessible area to provide higher accuracy.

Concrete pumps can also help even in eliminating waste. Thus they transfer the mixture to the required site in a precise and proficient manner.

The Bottom Line

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