Making Concrete Delivery Quicker & Faster with a Concrete Line Pump!!

The modern construction industry uses a number of different equipment’s to manage its construction works. Whether you’re looking for projects that are small scale or large scale for concrete pumping, we at Maple Concrete Pumping provides you quality concrete line pump rental that will suit any project.

So, if you are looking to deliver concrete to those places with restricted access such as through buildings & around obstacles or squeezing through tight alleyways, then concrete line pump is ideal for your project.

Concrete pumps is a revolutionary machine in modern construction that transports concrete quickly with no mess – one of the efficient methods of concrete transportation available. Two types of concrete pumps are used in construction:

  1. First one is remote controlled automatic pump known as boom concrete pump. It is used to place concrete on right place.
  2. The second one is mounted on a truck commonly known as line pump. It consist of long hose to pour concrete on right place.

What Concrete Line Pump Offers You?

Concrete Line Pump offer high volume output and high pressure with efficient delivery time. Concrete line pumps have benefits of being able to deliver in narrow & large distances. Its hose is based on efficiency and performance being able to deliver over large distances.

These Machines are portable, towable and easy to carry, basically used to pump concrete, short-Crete, grout, and mortar, foamed concrete and flow able fill. Being a small & also a very mobile machine, it can fit into tight, confined areas of a construction site that larger machines cannot, because of its outriggers, just won’t fit.

Benefits of Renting Concrete Line Pump

Renting a concrete line pump depends on many factor like how many hours you are going to use it. Until and unless you plan to use a concrete pump frequently, buying your own pumping machine may not be fruitful in a long term, especially when the cost and time required for pump clean-up, repair and maintenance are beyond your limit.

Before making any decision you must analyze, for how long you are going to use a concrete pump on annual basis and then compare the cost of buying a pump to the average hourly rental rates in your area.

Apart from considering the cost of renting, the pump contractor should also consider the volume of work done annually.

Overall, if you are planning to buy your own pumping machine, renting a concrete pump trailer makes more sense than buying it. Whereas, for contractors purchasing concrete pump trailer would be more beneficial than renting it.

Why To Choose Concrete Line Pump Rental? 

  • Cost Effective

The concrete line pump is based on intelligent pumping technology. Basically it is used inside the construction industry to transfer concrete, which enables you to pump several mixtures including concrete mortar, grout, and foam concrete.

  • Easily Transportable

Concrete line pumps are easily transportable from one place to another. The long hose provides a stable transport that fastens the progress and

It provides a strong adaptability to construction operation, wide scope of operation, and its conveying pipe can be laid, hard to reach places.

  • For Tall Residential Walls

A concrete line pump makes the pour simple and fast, this minimizes the chances of spilling the concrete from work place. It is almost impossible for tall residential building to deliver concrete aggregate over high places.

  • Reliable & Convenient

Discussing of reliability concrete line pump is the most reliable and convenient pump used in construction industry. The machine works excellently if operators follow the full safety procedures.

Renting is great solution as you will save time and money on your project and reduce material wastage at the construction site.

Maple concrete pumping, has been providing concrete pumping services in the Toronto for several years. We are well known throughout the industry for our superior and reliable services, experienced operators and on time dependability.

At the end of the day, we know that owner/operators don’t want to spend time or money on expensive and complex maintenance. That’s we operate our pumps with simplicity in mind, making sure you’re able to keep on pumping and allowing you to easily understand the equipment you maintain and operate.

Our support team will help you to accommodate and schedule our concrete pumps according to your need. You can contact us or leave a message for more details.

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