ompared to the past, the use of concrete has been growing every year for different construction projects. But not knowing enough about Concrete Flooring Myths can hinder the output of your project. Read on to avoid them and ensure you get the floor you desire.

Earlier, concrete was more common in industrial work areas and basements. But nowadays the material is also finding its use in residential projects.

In fact, concrete is considered the ideal material for construction due to its durability and strength.

New advancements in construction industry has further boosted the use of concrete flooring in different textures and designs. Use of colors and dyeing and staining it can further add to the beauty of the flooring.

While most concrete contractors can assist you in accomplishing your project goals, you need to be informed to make good decisions. After all, you’re investing your money in getting a concrete floor and you want the best returns from it.


Concrete Flooring Myths [Avoid These Mistakes to Get a Smooth Concrete Floor]

Well, most of the myths regarding concrete floors are the result of lack of knowledge of this construction material.

Due to the long lifespan of concrete construction, many people actually believe it needs less or almost no maintenance.

This leads to bigger problems in future when some of the issues in concrete flooring go unnoticed. Before opting for a concrete flooring installation, it’s important to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Only after that, you can be sure of the project outcome.

Check out the following points to clear some of the most common misconceptions regarding concrete flooring.

#1. Concrete Floors Look Dull and Monotonous

concrete flooring myths

This is one of the most common concrete flooring myths.

Well, this may have held true in the past but today there are many alternatives to style concrete floors. Stamped and stained concrete can be used to add texture and visual interest to the floor.

Furthermore, you’ll encounter many upscale spaces with these floors, such as shopping malls and hotels. Concrete is actually highly customizable according to the aesthetics of the area. This gives the construction material one of the most eye-catching appearance based on the specific project.

#2. Concrete Floors Are Prone to Cracking

Concrete floors may be more prone to cracking depending on the climate conditions. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, concrete flooring cracks due to using the wrong strategy for Concrete Floor Pour.

Pouring the concrete on uneven surfaces or premature drying can lead to more cracks in the floor later on.

Moreover, the concrete mix also determines the chances of cracks in the flooring. That’s why it’s vital to keep water and other constituents in the right concentrations in the mix.

#3. Wet Mopping Is Enough to Clean Concrete

Concrete is a fairly durable flooring option. However, it does stain and proper cleaning is important.

The most common concrete flooring myths revolves around its cleaning and maintenance. Unfortunately, many people take concrete as a durable flooring, which doesn’t need major cleaning.

Though, it does need periodic scrubbing to maintain its shine and appearance. As concrete is porous, it’ll soak up any dirt or spills unless it’s sealed. You should select a solution specifically made for concrete floors for proper cleaning. A commercially made solution will be best. Plus, pick a solution that makes it easy to glide the floor machine over the floor.

#4. Concrete Has a Definite Drying Time

concrete flooring myths

In reality, concrete drying time is highly unpredictable. The time it takes for concrete to dry will depend on a variety of factors.

These factors predominantly revolve around the concrete admixture and the quality of cement used in the mix.

Based on a general estimation, an inch-deep concrete slab should take about a month to dry. But there is no such thing as a fixed drying time. That’s why hiring a Concrete Pumping Company who knows what they’re doing is essential. Someone with years of experience has a good idea about how concrete construction works.

#5. Concrete Floors Does Not Need a Floor Maintenance Program

This is one of the most prevalent concrete flooring myths. As concrete floors are fairly durable, most people think it doesn’t need special care or attention like other floors.

However, you do have to plan a maintenance program depending on the time and money you’re willing to invest in it.

You can vacuum or sweep the floor every day in case it doesn’t have a sealant applied. As previously mentioned, using a cleaning solution with a floor machine is also a useful technique to clean the floor.

NOTE: Choosing cleaning solutions from the same manufacturer will be a better option as they are designed to work together.

So, these were some of the concrete flooring myths. When getting a concrete floor done, keep an eye out for these common misconceptions. This will help you get the desired outcome.

Moreover, hiring a concrete company that provides Commercial Concrete Pump services should be a quintessential part of your project.


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