Concrete pouring over floor is the most important part of a construction project where a contractor and owner must give more attention.  As floor is the base of a building so it should be strong and concrete over it should be poured with good plan and appropriate manner.

Here we have elaborated the steps for Concrete Floor Pour from the very beginning to the ending. You can also take it as DIY.

9 Tips for Concrete Pouring Over Floor

Step 1: State Time and Budget

plan and budget

Although, it is the not the first step of concrete pouring but it is important to know the budget and time duration. Outline the time and budget of the pouring before starting the job. If you have a contractor to complete this job ask him.

Step 2: Prepare Job Site

clean job site

Before starting Concrete Floor Pour, check job site carefully. It must be well cleaned. If the area where concrete is to be poured is not clean then make it clean by removing useless substances like grass, rocks, trees, sands, soil, etc. This process is required because a well cleaned 4 inch sub base is necessary for concrete pouring over floor.

Step 3: Set Form for Pouring


Once cleaning process is completed, go for the form set up. As we know concrete is semi-liquid element and it cannot stay on floor in desired shape without support. So, it is necessary to set a form before pouring concrete. Such kinds of forms are made by using wood, metal or plastics.

Step 4: Mix Concrete Elements

concrete mix design

Now put Sand, Cement, Gravel, water, etc. in the mixture machine to mix it for Concrete Floor Pour. It is suggested to make a strong quality concrete mixture to get strong floor.

Step 5: Put Concrete

 pouring cement

Pouring area is clean, sub base is formed, so why to wait just place the concrete in required shape and size. You can pour it as a slab or plane surface form. Be careful that more than 4% air should be mixed in concrete.

Step 6: Make Poured Concrete Surface Plane

Make Poured Concrete Surface Plane

Use a large and plane board or metal to evenly place the concrete. Well finishing after Concrete Floor Pour helps concrete to become dry easily with more strength.

Step 7: Finalize Pouring

Broom finish

After few minutes of pouring, “Broom finish” process is performed to make concrete surface rough terrain. It helps concrete to be safe from cracking like issue.

Step 8: Concrete Curing

Seven Day Concrete Curing Procedure

Concrete curing is the more important part of concrete pouring. It gives strength and makes concrete safe from cracking. You should give proper water and care it for fix time duration which is 28 days.

Step 9: Concrete Maintenance

Concrete Maintenance

As you know concrete is a durable and long lasting product. So, once you finalize Concrete Floor Pour you must maintain it for always. Keep your floor fresh, keep away from burning product and heavy materials and give beautiful and strong look to your home.

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