Concrete Countertops

There are more and more people realizing concrete’s value for making countertops. Outlines of concrete countertops are only limited by imagination and the ability to build the forms. Using color pigments in combination with white cement and various aggregates, the spectrum of colors available in concrete countertops is endless.

It’s been a long ago since concrete countertops find their way into shops, homes and restaurants. No matter whether you choose traditional or contemporary countertops, concrete is a versatile medium to express the aesthetic of designer as well as an owner.

Now let’s discuss the Materials Used in Concrete Countertops


Coarse and Fine Aggregate account for the greatest proportions of concrete. Contractors should choose aggregate carefully as it can influence the desired final look of the concrete countertop.


Cement Binders are the backbone of concrete. These materials stick to all the other ingredients into a solid mass.

Inlays & Imprints

Countertops designers have experimented with various techniques to add interest to surfaces. Inlaid materials include shells, fossils, scraps and metal objects. Long term durability of the inlay should be considered when choosing it, although a seller will normally offer some additional protection.


One of the most common finishes on concrete countertops is a hard steel troweled surface. This not only densifies the surface but also smoothes out the surface so that it is safe for anything that can be placed on it.


Concrete pigments are available in various forms. For integral coloring, most of them are based on synthetic mineral oxides for their strength and reliable quality. The liquid versions are easiest to use as they diffuse readily when mixed into fresh concrete. Powder versions have a long history of use and offer exceptional outcomes.

The post-applied color is achieved with stains, dyes or tints. The basic types of materials are usually chemical reactive stains, water and solvent based dyes and tints.


In the past, recommendations were to do periodic maintenance on concrete countertops, but the newer sellers have reduced the need for this activity.


Sinks in homes are kitchen’s requirements but it can add interest to concrete countertops.

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