Concrete Block Foundation Vs Poured Concrete Foundation

Concrete is the most durable and economical material for construction. Due to the versatility of the concrete, it provides homeowners with stronger, drier and better concrete foundations.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss about pros and cons of Concrete Block Foundations and Poured Concrete Foundations.

Before that, let us know the terms Concrete Block Foundation & Poured Concrete Foundations.

Concrete Block Foundation


The Block Foundation is usually constructed of large blocks typically measuring 8 inches wide and 16 inches long. They vary in sizes depending on the weight load of the building that is to be constructed. Whatever size of the blocks are being used, it will be secured together with mortar and rests on a concrete footing deep enough and wide.

The blocks are fixed like bricks and an overlapping pattern is used interlock them to ensure optimum strength and stability. Concrete blocks are hollow and fixed using mortar mix. When installed with concrete foundation professionals steel bars known as re-bar, it connects the blocks to the footing.

When all is done correctly, the steel rebar is implanted into the footing, and exact location is identified to place the rebar.

Concrete Block Foundation


  • There are no complex heavy wooden forms to configure and secure properly.
  • Blocks are quite easy to install even with some masonry experience.
  • When reinforced with steel rebar and filled with mortar concrete block, foundations are strong and well insulated.


  • When the blocks are not properly reinforced, concrete block foundations are relatively weak.
  • The mortar used to join the blocks all together is vulnerable to leakage & considered to be the weakest link in the foundation itself.

Poured Concrete Foundation


Poured Concrete Foundation is carried out by concrete professionals. Large heavy wooden walls are constructed and secured properly to deal with the amount of pressure that it will subject to. Concrete is poured into wooden forms in one continuous pour. Rebars are already installed in the footing before the concrete pour is ready. Unlike block foundations, poured concrete foundations have no weak points and joints.

Poured Concrete Foundation


  • Laying a poured foundation is a quick process. It requires less time than block foundation.
  • Poured Foundation has compressive and flexural strength than block foundation.
  • Increased strength, density and joint free construction minimize basement water issues.
  • Done by professionals concrete foundation installers and this ensures that task will be done effectively.
  • It is fire resistant.
  • Maintenance Free.


When it comes to expense, Concrete Poured Foundation is bit expensive than Concrete Block Foundation.

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