Most of us know a lot of work and Certified Concrete Pump Operators goes into a construction project. We often see those big trucks pouring out concrete on the construction sites. But have you ever wondered how those concrete operators are so perfect at what they do?

No doubt operating a Concrete Line Pump involves a lot of responsibility and training. It takes mental and physical resilient person to become a good concrete pump operator. And, requirements are even more when you are searching for a certified concrete line pump operator.


Why You Should Hire Certified Concrete Pump Operators?

Certified Concrete Pump Operators is thoroughly trained and skilled at his job and its requirements. A good operator not only knows how to operate the machinery but is also an experienced large truck driver.

Many concrete pumping companies provide on the job training to their operators. With their training programs, they try to ensure a safe and hazard-free working environment.

So, if you want the construction project to comply with the required safety and precautionary measures, you should only hire a Certified Concrete Operator.

Below we break down the top reasons for considering only a Certified Concrete Pump Operators


Perks of Hiring Certified Concrete Pump Operators

#1: Trained in the Latest Technology

A concrete Pumping Project requires a lot of heavy machinery. An important machinery used are Small Concrete Pumps. These pumps help in pumping grout, wet screeds, mortar, foamed concrete, and flowable fill. They come in quite handy in the confined areas of a construction site that a large concrete pump truck cannot reach.

New Concrete Technology

Operating some newer pump trucks and concrete pumps is complex. However, a Certified Concrete Pump Operator knows about these latest machineries that are being used in the concrete pumping industry. A good knowledge of the latest technology also enables them to fix any problem they might encounter while working.

#2: Construction Safety and Preventive Measures

A Certified Concrete Pumping Company has a team of safety and risk professionals. Due to use of heavy machinery and labor work, there are greater chances of injury in a concrete pumping project. So, these companies already know the importance of complying with preventative measures at a construction site.

Construction safety and Preventive Measure

Further, it helps if the concrete pumping company has a safety policy in place. These policies and schemes ensure employee safety and regulatory compliance.

Maintaining safety and preventative measures at all times also mitigate the risk of work-related accidents.

#3: In-Depth Concrete Knowledge

A concrete pump operator requires a thorough knowledge about the mechanics of concrete mixes. Concrete mix designs involve many factors. Questions like:

  • What are the effects of changing temperatures on the concrete mixes?
  • Why does a concrete mix pumps hard?
  • Which kind of mixes pump easier?
  • What can be the effects of adding water to the concrete mix?

Often pop up while working in a concrete pumping project.

Certified Concrete Pump In-depth knowledge

A Certified Concrete Pumping Operator knows the answers to these questions. He is usually trained in these subjects and has years of experience backing it up.

#4: Insurance

Insurance companies always prefer to offer insurance packages to a Certified Concrete Pumping Company. This further helps the concrete companies in saving thousands of dollars.

An insurance policy can alone provide enough coverage for any perceived risks and losses. And, these policies are often enough to cover all the job-site risks.

Certified Concrete Pump Operator Insurance

ACPA (American Concrete Pumping Association) offers an insurance package designed specifically for concrete pumping organizations, with rate structures tailored according to risk profiles.

#5: Driving and Pumping Experts

Concrete Pumping Operator has to carry out a lot of responsibilities. One of them is to know commercial driving and operation of pumps and boom parts.

Concrete Pump Operator Pumping Experience

A certified operator receive extensive training in driving and getting the truck to the on-site location. Moreover, driving a concrete supplier truck requires specialized knowledge that many operators without certification do not have.

A certified operator also has the required expertise in the process of concrete carrying and unloading.

#6: Trained in Electrical and Hydraulics Troubleshooting

Certified Concrete Pump operators have in-depth knowledge in fixing the problems that might arise with the pump trucks and concrete pumps. They know how to repair electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems in case something breaks down.

Concrete Pump Operators Hydraulic Troubleshooter

Further, a certified concrete operator knows about the parts of the machines they use. And in most situations, they do not have to wait for a technician in case some part of the system stops working. This saves additional cost and time on the job site.

#7: Minimal Wastage of Time and Cost

Breakdown in machinery, incorrect concrete mixes, and pouring the concrete in the wrong places cost wastage of money and time. But with a Certified Concrete Pumping Operator, the chances of mistakes are minimal. Project losses can be greatly minimized when you hire a certified operator.

Concrete-pump Operator Does Minimal Wastage

Getting a reputed Certified Concrete Pumping Company increases efficiency and decreases the occurrence of job accidents. More good news is that re-certifications of these certified operators are carried out at regular intervals. This measure helps in updating the operators on the latest changes in the industry. With certification, operators gain up-to-date skills and training, giving the added boost to the overall quality of work on the job site.

Well, that was all about the benefits of hiring Certified Concrete Pump Operators. We hope that the above information was enough for you in choosing a concrete company for your project.

However, if you reside in Toronto and don’t know where to look for a concrete company that offers all the benefits we mentioned above, take a look at our next section.


Looking for Certified Concrete Pump Operators or Company?

Maple Concrete Pumping is a specialist in Concrete Pumping, ICF Concrete Filling, Concrete Floor Pouring, Concrete Line Pump, Small Line Pumps, Pouring Foam Concrete, etc. We are a Concrete Pumping Company in Toronto with over 8 years of experience.

We have certified and trained professionals in our team who work together to ensure the most efficient model of concrete pumping on the jobs we undertake.

You can rent our advanced Concrete Line Pump equipment’s at competitive prices.

Benefits of Choosing Maple Concrete Pumping as your Concrete Pumping Partner

#1: Construction Safety Program

Maple Concrete Pumping provides Site Specific Safety Plan on all the project sites. We also have a standard Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP)/ Accident Prevention Program (APP) in place to ensure the highest standard of safety on the job site. Along with that, we direct our professionals to carry out regular safety inspections on the job site.

#2: Fleet Safety Program

Maple Concrete Pumping follows the guidelines of Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO). The program focuses on regulatory compliance and accident prevention through training and management compliance audits. Moreover, we always make sure that we have a team of professional drivers who are well-trained in commercial motor vehicle driving.

#3: Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

Maple Concrete Pumping has a stringent policy preventing the possession and use of illegal drugs and alcohol. This ensures that our employees always maintain the proper workplace ethics. So, we always deliver the best quality standards of the concrete pumping industry.

#4: We Source All Our Concrete Pumps from Schwing

Schwing is one of the long-standing concrete pumps brand in the construction industry. A number of historic projects have made use of Schwing Concrete Pumps. We offer Schwing Concrete Pumps of different sizes and features. So, you can choose your desired concrete pump based on the requirements of your project.

Hence, at Maple Concrete Pumping, we strive to ensure the finest services in the concrete construction business. We have the latest machineries and pumps to ensure the quality standards of all the projects.

We are dedicated to foster a safe and productive work environment to improve the work performance of employees. And, we make sure that we meet all the needs and requirements of our clients in a specialized way.

If you want the services of a Certified Concrete Pumping Company for your project, feel free to Call Us @ +1 (647) 529-7867.