Placing the concrete in an inaccessible area is a deterring task. It’s not easy to place concrete in an area where there no much space for the laborers to pass by. This may lead you to hold your construction work even if it’s quite necessary. You’ll always want to acquire an easy method to place the concrete hassle-free. And, for this, Concrete Pumps can help you even in an inaccessible area to transfer concrete.

Concrete pumps help to transfer liquid concrete in an area where it’s not possible to place concrete by laborers. These pumps would be placed at a place far from the project area. And, the concrete would get transferred by connecting the pump to the ready mix machine. These pumps have the capability of providing constant output and transferring concrete to the specified area.

These pumps are a pretty convenient way to transfer concrete to your construction project. This will allow you to place the concrete exactly where your requirement is there. It doesn’t trouble you repositioning haul concrete from the mixer to the delivery site. However, you have 2 options if you’re looking to transfer concrete for your construction project. You can either do it through Boom Pump or through Line Pump.

But, do you know exactly when to use Boom Pump and When to use Line Pump?


Don’t Worry! Keep reading the blog to know the advantages and disadvantages of a Concrete Boom Pump vs Line Pump.

Boom Pump vs Line Pump

These pumps are the best way to transfer concrete to a specific location without changing the machine location. Let’s get to know what’s advantages and their application.

Boom Pump

Boom Pump Advantages

The Concrete Boom Pump is a pump that will be mounted on a truck. For this reason, we often call it a truck-mounted pump. This kind of pump uses an arm (Boom) that lets you control remotely to transfer concrete where exactly you need it.

Boom Pump

The best advantage of using this small concrete pump is it allows you to pump a lot of concrete in a very short time. This pump provides you with great accuracy even from great heights.

Disadvantages of Boom Pump

As this machinery would be heavy so there would always risky for the construction workers. This can also sometimes leads to damage to the property.

Boom Pump Application

As it provides you with a high-volume capacity, this pump would be certainly the best choice. If you have a large-scale project with need of lots of concrete like the construction of an apartment then this would help you at a greater extent.


Line Pump

Line Pump Advantages

This is a long hose attached to a stationary pump mounted on a trailer. The hose allows you to transfer concrete more easily and it is beneficial for horizontal pumping. This will give you an option to extend the hose virtually according to your need.

Concrete Line Pump

Disadvantages of Line Pump

This pump also can be risky for the workers. As small projects will always be going on, the availability of the machine can be a disadvantage.

Line Pump Applications

Just because of this pump flexibility and lower volume capacity, you will want to use the pump for transferring concrete at a smaller residential project. We can use Line Pump for a job like building a swimming pool or repaving a driveway.

Conclusion: Concrete Boom Pump vs Line Pump

If you’re working on a large project or big commercial project where you need to transfer more concrete at a faster speed, you probably want a Boom Pump. This can transfer 150 cubic yards of concrete per hour.

If you’re working on a smaller project, a line pump would be a better fit for your project. This won’t pour concrete as fast but it would be sufficient for the smaller project.

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