Speed matters a lot for any kind of construction project.  Concrete Pumping proves to be the most efficient and reliable method of placing concrete. It is economical as well as time saving. A pump is the only way of placing concrete at sites located at greater heights.

What is a concrete pumping equipment??


 Benefits of using Concrete Pumping Equipment

A concrete pump is an equipment used to transfer liquid concrete by pumping. It is generally mounted on a truck or placed on a trailer. There are two types of concrete pumping used at construction sites namely Boom pumps and Line pumps. A Boom pump uses a controlled arm to pour concrete where needed generally used at large construction sites. The Line pumps are used at small construction projects and focuses on ground stabs, sidewalks or lower ground level projects.

Advantages of using Concrete Pumping Equipment


 Benefits of using Concrete Pumping Equipment

#1) Speeds up the Concrete Pouring Rate

The concrete pouring speed gets increased with the help of pumping equipment as compared to the traditional method of placing concrete on the buildings. The trucks and trailers mount these equipment’s to make it accessible to all parts of the construction sites.

#2) Reduces the number of labors required

The concrete pumping machine enables the whole process of concrete pouring with limited operators. Thus it cuts off the unnecessary cost on labours thereby saving time and money. The free workforce can be used on the other activities of your project.

#3) Ensures Quality Concrete pouring with higher Accuracy

Quality concrete pouring enhances the nature of work done. It also reduces the unwanted material usage with fewer delays. It does not leave any spills or lumps while pouring concrete. Thus it ensures placement of concrete with higher accuracy.

#4) Concrete Strength gets improved

As compared to the traditional way of pouring concrete, the concrete pumping machine requires less water. Thus it gives a quality mix of concrete with water ensuring stiff strength to the concrete. The stronger concrete structures reduces the repair and maintenance cost for the long term. Thus saving for cost and time is an added advantage using this method.

#5) Convenient and reliable way of pouring

The act of pouring concrete with help of Concrete pumping machines comes with added security and safety. It would have required plenty of labours with rigorous efforts earlier. The concrete pumping equipment’s has made the task easy consuming lesser time.

Why choose the Maple concrete pumping equipment??


 Benefits of using Concrete Pumping Equipment

The Maple concrete pumping company in Toronto is the largest dealer of all sorts of concrete pumping equipment’s used at the construction sites. It offers services which are reliable and cost friendly delivered by skilled and certified professionals. Maple aims to complete the entire construction project on time. Being the best pumping equipment supplier, Maple guarantees the best construction service provider in Toronto.

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