Building concrete homes is one of the first choices of those who want to own an elegant house. The reasons are largely focused on disaster resistance, safety, and sustainability.

Many people argue that building a concrete home entails huge expenditures. But, in reality, a concrete home can save you a lot on your utility bills.

Apart from huge savings on heating costs and air-conditioning, insurance costs up to 25% less on concrete homes. This is because these homes are more resistant to fire and natural disasters.

Shotcrete Concrete Pumps, gunning equipment’s, and mixer and pump combinations are often used in a residential concrete construction project.

Today, we are going to discuss about various methods to build a cost-efficient concrete home.

So, without delay, let’s jump right into it.


Different Methods of Constructing Affordable Concrete Home

#1: Precast Concrete Construction

This method involves casting concrete in a reusable mold. The shape and the surface of these molds have an effect on the overall look. Further, curing is done in a controlled environment and then transported to a construction site. It differs from standard concrete as it is not cured on site. Usually, it requires less material and labor. It also offers designing flexibility and a better-controlled quality.

Precast Concrete Construction

Some major advantages of using this method are:

  • Performance in hot environment.
  • Sound wave insulation
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Safe living conditions
  • Saves cement, water, and energy
  • A long service life
  • Requires less maintenance

Numerous products utilize precast concrete. Some of them include utility structures, transportation related products, marine products, etc.

#2: Insulated Form Concrete Construction

It is a construction system that uses lightweight formwork to support concrete walls. Before pouring concrete, steel bars are usually placed inside the forms. It gives the concrete flexural strength. Insulating concrete forms are made from an insulating material. These materials can be polyurethane foam, cement-bonded wood fiber, or polystyrene foam.

Insulated-Form Concrete Construction

This is a robust and cost-effective method for many building types. It is usually compatible with a variety of foundations, whether it is flooring, roofing, or stairs.

Insulated Form Concrete method has a number of benefits for builders and the occupier as well. Some of them are:

  • The lightweight units used here are easy to handle. So, it doesn’t necessarily require the services of a skilled tradesman. Thus, decreasing the labor costs.
  • Occupants benefit from low heating costs as usually the heat from solar energy is enough in these homes.
  • Insulation from sound and airborne noises. This is possible because of wall thickness and component materials.
  • You can expect good indoor air quality as ICF walls reduce humidity levels and reduce the chances of mold infestation.
  • More eco-friendly buildings as ICF walls are made from a variety of recycled materials.
  • Extremely strong walls can withstand debris impact and more than 200mph wind.

Building with insulated concrete forms is a much better option than a traditional wood-frame structure. Energy efficiency, safety, and a green construction all factor in the reasons.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the low-cost materials that are often used in a concrete construction.

Concrete Construction Materials

#1: Concrete Sheets

Using concrete sheets or panels is a stylish option to have a concrete exterior in a residential home. As it doesn’t absorb moisture, it’s a good option for bathrooms or kitchens. They can also withstand a lot of weight without cracking. Perhaps that is the reason they are suitable for heavy flooring.

Concrete Sheets

Concrete panels have a number of advantages, including durability, strength, and sound suppression.

#2: Prefabricated Panels

These are factory-built units. Manufacturers cut and nail it in a quality-controlled environment. Using these panels result in a more durable wall structure. This is a good option for building an affordable home. Further, it offers a lot of flexibility in buildings and materials.

Prefabricated Panels

#3: Stone Cladding

It is one of the cheap building materials when you want a stone exterior look but are on a budget. It is much lighter than a standard stone exterior and has less material and labor cost.

stone Cladding

So, it changes the look and style of your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

We hope that the above guide has given you a good idea on building an affordable concrete dwelling. Apart from being energy efficient, it also saves you a lot of cost in running a house.

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