7 Tips to Avoid Noise While Pumping

Abnormal Noise while concrete pouring has become a common issue in construction line. You might face noise issues even using a well maintained machine because there are several other reasons behind the noise in concrete pumping.

Well maintenance of line pump is hardly a factor to avoid noise. Basically, there are two primary reasons for concrete noise, Liquid and Mechanical. These both are the source of noise. Liquid noise occurs when you do mistake while making mixture of cement, concrete and water. It is generated due to the movement of water and concrete dynamically. Due to improper flow of fluid in hose pipe noise like situation occur.

The second main source of noise in line pumping is mechanical issues. It occurs because of imbalance of components, improper installation of plates, fault in motor, unusual behavior of air piston, jam in nozzle of hose pipe and so on.

avoid noise while pumpingAlong with all these, operators are also responsible for noise. If they are not expert and make mistake while operating line pump machine then it will also result in production of noise.

Let’s discuss how to overcome noise issues:

Follow these tips to avoid production of noise. It is summarized as:-


  1. The ideal length of suction pipe velocity is 5 to 8 feet. You must maintain it to avoid noise while pumping. Higher velocity in long pipe results in friction noise.
  2. Suction pipe pressure must be similar at every point to maintain the flow of fluid in well way and avoid noise.
  3. Head of suction pipe should be 5 ft. per section of total pipe.
  4. Suction pipe should be always larger than the suction connection of pump.
  5. Ideal amount of water should be in mixture.
  6. Machine should be well maintained and operator must be expert.
  7. Keep suction pipes straight as much as possible.

Follow these all points to avoid noise while concrete pumping. If you have your own line pump equipment then you need to pay  attention on these all points, but if you have to rent pumping equipment then it will be better if you rent services from a reputed company as they are aware with all these rules of avoiding noise while pumping.

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