Concrete Pouring is one of the precarious works of the construction industry. It is one of the important aspects also and so, must be handled properly. If time is limited during the construction project, then the whole task of pouring concrete becomes bit stressful. Sometimes due to less time in hand, workers rushed to complete the work in a hurry which can lead to unsafe concrete pouring. Unsafe concrete pouring can be fatal to workers. Hence, it is essential to pour concrete with proper care and guidance.

Here we will discuss some common mistakes while pouring concrete & how to avoid them:

#1. Reinforcement Issue


Although concrete is strong material but sometimes, it lacks tensile strength. To make concrete stronger, there is need to reinforce it. When glass, plastics and metal fibers are mixed with concrete, it becomes stronger and withstand for many years. Concrete hardens around the fiber and creates a stronger bond. But due to less money and time, this step is often skipped.

#2. Less Number of Staffs


There must be enough number of workers and helpers to execute the work on a work site. Lack of enough workers can cause accidents and costly mistakes. Concrete gets hard if leveling and smoothing process is not completed on associated time.

#3. Less Curing Time

Seven Day Concrete Curing Procedure

On an average, concrete takes about 24 to 48 hours to set properly but the curing process may take an entire week. The curing process is very essential in the case you wish to add color to concrete. Less curing time makes concrete brittle and so, it doesn’t last long.

#4. Large Amount of Water

concrete and water

There is certain ratio of water to be mixed while mixing concrete properly. To make the spreading and pouring process quicker, workers add more water than required. Adding too much water makes concrete weaker.

#5. Choosing Wrong Mix

concrete mix design

Before placing order for concrete, it’s essential to communicate to your supplier about the purpose for which you are ordering the concrete. It helps you to get the best mix for your project. Ask for recommendations and advices before you place your order.

#6. Improper Planning


Planning everything before starting the concrete project is very important. Ensure that site for the concrete is well prepared. Choose correct size gravel to carry out smooth setting of the concrete.

#7. Improper Finish

Broom finish

Finishing the project in the proper way gives you great end results. Never overwork with your concrete or use trowel excessively. It can make your mix dry and lead to cracks. It’s better to hire an expert to ensure smooth execution of the concrete pouring.

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