Concrete floors are ultimate choice for modern homes and businesses due to its clean, glossy and industrial look. It looks creative and unusual. Creative concrete floor decoration emulates natural surfaces like wood floors or tiled floors decked with geometric design, describing the latest interior trends.

Concrete floor designs create a durable and hard surface that is resistant to water.

Let’s Have a Quick Look on Common Characteristics of Modern Concrete Floor:

  • Smooth, Polished Surfaces
  • Neutral Color Schemes, varies from light to Charcoal Gray
  • Metallic Coatings Add Dimensions and Impart Industrial Look
  • High-gloss Finishes Reflects Exterior Lightings

Contemporary concrete flooring ideas are exhilarating and fresh. Modern Design Ideas are suitable for outdoor rooms, industrial surfaces and garages. These ideas are great for designing cost-effective, durable and strong surfaces that adds unique appearance to the interior design.

Let Us Discuss Some Modern Concrete Floor Design Ideas:

#1.To Add A Slight Shine, Leave The Concrete In Its Natural State And Coat It With Neutral Epoxy Resin.

Neutral Epoxy Concrete Floor

Concrete floor brightens any room using their high light reflectivity property. Light colored polished concrete floors save energy and lessens the lighting bills by increasing the amount of natural light entering the home and reduce the requirement of artificial light at night.

#2. Stain Or Color The Concrete To Add Excitement To Modern Design.

Stained Concrete Floor

Staining is very effective and popular method to enhance the look of concrete floors. You can easily add slight hints of color, custom graphics and bolder designs. Stains can be easily applied to both or existing concrete surface. It generates fade-resistant and permanent color.

#3.To Give Lustrous, Mirror Like Finish, Polish The Concrete

Mirror Finished polished concrete

Polishing is a multi-step process that includes use of proper tools and equipments to generate mirror like shine. It is polished using wet and dry methods. Wet polishing makes use of diamond abrasive and removes grinding dust. Dry polishing is faster method, more convenient and environment friendly.

#4. Add More Shine To The Floor With A Metallic Epoxy Coating That Generates Rich Color Changing Effects.

Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floors

Metallic Concrete allows you to guild your concrete to imitate the look of silver, copper, bronze, nickel and other shiny metals. These floors are usually popular in retails, restaurants and offices.

#5. Modern Art Look Is Generated By Applying Geometrical Patterns To The Floor

Geometric Pattern Concrete Floor

Geometrical patterns add stylish look to the floors and it’s quite easy to apply.

#6. Add Subtle Interest To Modern Polished Concrete Floors By Slightly Exposing The Aggregates

Modern polished concrete exposed to aggregates

It enhances the décor of your home and adds high gloss finish to your concrete floors.

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